Talkin’ Purdy

Finally! His Majesty (aka Utahprez) has exited down stage left and I shall enter from up center, cross down center and stay center. I should like a spot as well. Well, who dun’t like to be spotlighted center stage, right? Now that the king is gone I can play! (tee-hee :)) I thought I could…

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One and Done

One more but only because I’ve had an unfinished post in draft since Saturday about the Democrat joy over the economy generating 227,000 new jobs and yet the unemployment rate remaining at 8.3%. I just had a hard time getting enthusiastic over it enough to finish it because it was a bit econo-geeky. In that…


That pretty much explains my feelings about all things politically or culturally related right now. Unless Obama finally admits that he is a undercover Muslim or aliens take over the Supreme Court, it is time for a little break. Amuse yourselves in whatever manner you deem appropriate…I’ll be back later in the week.