MtGox bitcoin Exchange Files for Bankruptcy


Highlights of the article …

- At the court hearing, the company said it had outstanding debts of about 6.5bn yen (£38m).

- an estimated 744,000 bitcoins – about $350m (£210m) – had been stolen due to a loophole in its security.

- Currently one bitcoin is worth about $561 (£334), a price far lower than the high of $1,000 per coin it hit in November 2013.

MtGox bitcoin exchange files for bankruptcy


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6 thoughts on “MtGox bitcoin Exchange Files for Bankruptcy

  1. You do realize that MtGox is only one trader, and according to my Bitcoin bud, not one with a stellar reputation. It will be interesting to see how this plays out…….in other news, I think we should have a friendly wager as to Ukraine’s outcome. Russia or EU? I say Russia. If I win, you have to do a food porn post…..and it better be mouth watering!

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