Obama Scandals For Dummies

As Barack Obama desperately goes about America trying to distract the Nation from looking at the abject failure that is his Presidency, I noticed that at every event there are zombiefied humans sometimes standing other times sitting behind him.  I then have to wonder as they applaud “The One” do they even know what he…

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Don’t Look Now But….

Obama and his cabal are hard at it desperately trying to distract and deflect from the scrutiny of the Administration’s criminal activities.  The EPA is charging conservative groups for FOIA requests while giving liberal requests a pass.  The IRS is asking conservative groups for how many sheets of toilet paper is used per day and who is using them.…

The Tolerant Left

Now the Obama media will have us to believe that our President is not trying to divide the citizenry and is calling for civility and participating in an adult conversation as to how to solve America’s problem.  Well I just don’t think that some of his supporters are getting that message or maybe they are receiving other messages that the media won’t report.