Marco’s Summer Recess

Marco Rubio has spent the week traveling about Florida meeting with Floridians and “discussing” the issues that will be taken up by Congress when they reconvene in September this year.  Now the “main-stream” press has been out looking far and wide for any kind of controversy while Congressional Representatives and Senators conduct meetings during the…

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The Tolerant Left

Now the Obama media will have us to believe that our President is not trying to divide the citizenry and is calling for civility and participating in an adult conversation as to how to solve America’s problem.  Well I just don’t think that some of his supporters are getting that message or maybe they are receiving other messages that the media won’t report.  

Protect Your Right To Fish

The following is from Pam Anderson, Pam is the Operations Manager of Captain Anderson Marina on Panama City Beach, Florida.  Pam is an advocate for all the fisheries in Florida and is a proponent of fishing rights for all Floridians and Americans.  I support Pam and Recreational Fishing Alliance in their efforts to keep America’s fisheries free.…