Rule 5 Friday – Irina Shayk

Tunisia and Egypt are on fire. Hezbollah solidifies it’s hold on the government of Lebanon. Israel, the only island of stability in this region may be brought, once again, to the brink of war.

What are we doing here in America? We are talking about high speed rail, solar shingles, “green jobs” and “winning the future” (WTF) while this administration continues to put potentially productive natural resources off limits and slowly strangles the oil industry in the Gulf.

This level of debate calls for another invocation of Rule 5. I know, “twice in one week?”, you may ask…it was a special week, what with the WTF SoTU speech. Therefore, I present for your viewing enjoyment, Miss Irina Shayk – not WTF but FTW – for the win!

Irina is just getting traction on the world stage of global class beauties. This Russian export has been dating football (soccer) star Cristiano Ronaldo since last year.

More of the lovely and talented Irina below the fold.

Bonus video from Sports Illustrated:


Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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