The Trouble with Liberals

I now know what is wrong with liberals. It boils down to two basic things.

  1. Selective memory (political amnesia)
  2. Cognitive/confirmation bias

Yet another letter to the editor extolling on the incivility of the “right” in the local paper triggered it.

As far as selective memory, a goldfish has a total memory recall of 3 seconds, liberals apparently have slightly less. That explains why they can support every fad, pipe dream and polemic that spills from the mouths of their leaders.  It is why they can rail against Beck, Limbaugh, Palin and Michele Bachmann for creating an environment of “hate” and conveniently forget the 8 years of the Bush administration. It is why people the likes of Congressman Cohen of Tennessee and Jim Moran of Virginia can make Nazi analogies and call Republicans racist for simply opposing Obama and there be no notice outside the “right wing” news sources.

They live in the moment, nothing matters except what is happening right now, and if the past is unpleasant or the programs are failures, what the hell, they just toss them down the memory hole.

I suppose the way to help them is to keep reminding them every 2.5 seconds as to what hypocrites they really are.

As far as cognitive/confirmation bias, that can be defined as a common tendency to acquire and process information by filtering it through one’s own likes, dislikes, and experiences and once that information is acquired and processed, to retain only what conforms to one’s preferences, and to reject that does not.

Cognitive bias explains why no matter what FOX News says, the folks on the left will never agree with it – not because of content, because their filter is set to reject anything from that source.Never mind that it gets reported on FOX because no source with left leanings thinks it is news. Confirmation bias explains why outrageous remarks are accepted about Republicans without foundation or evidence. It is because these remarks fit the left’s definition of someone on the right as racist, bigoted and angry. They just know that this is correct – damn the facts.

You know, it also explains some of the weird jury decisions in some high profile trials. Should being an American liberal disqualify someone from sitting on a jury?

I found it interesting that I had just commented on this very phenomena and then found this article by Jeff Winkler at the Daily Caller, adding to examples of the memory hole/cognitive/confirmation bias theory. Compare this to the rhetoric from the left on civility –

Jared Loughner’s question for Gabrielle Giffords was utterly incomprehensible. When the Arizona representative couldn’t makes sense of Loughner’s nonsense during a 2007 rally, it set the alleged Tucson gunman off (“Can you believe it, they wouldn’t answer my question“). Loughner felt ignored and then the questions stopped.

In wake of the Arizona tragedy, however, there is one question that needs to be asked: Where’s the line between enough security and not enough liberty?

South Carolina Democratic Rep. James Clyburn wants special treatment at the airport. Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Robert Brady wants to corral the public behind bullet proof Plexiglass when they view proceedings on the House floor. And who knew the creaking, grinding jaws of a thousand pundits would sound exactly like Charlie Brown’s teacher after a 90-hour Meth bender?

The best Panel of Experts — experts on rhetoric, vitriolic language and freedom of speech — are those who’ve tested the boundaries. They disrupt committee hearings, stage protests, and occasionally “act alone.” Often, they get arrested doing it.

Read more here…

Makes them seem a little disingenuous, now doesn’t it.

Moran and Cohen videos below the fold…

One thought on “The Trouble with Liberals

  1. You have described the fundamental philosophy of the early Progressive movement: try something, if it doesn’t work, move on to the next experiment. There is never a clear objective because the objective is nothing more than the idea of “progress.” I honestly believe it is a mental disorder: a cognitive break from objective reality. Those in the groups who typically identify themselves as liberal or progressive have typically exhibit very little command of reason, and they have an equal tendency to embrace some notion of relativism, which utterly destroys any chance of living in an objective world where gravity works 100% of the time and 2+2 always = 4.

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