Blue on Blue Violence

Carol Mosley Braun must have missed the memo on civility. Here she is accusing her opponent for mayor of Chicago, a fellow Democrat, of being a crack addict:

Braun is no stranger to a little untruth (lies) when it advances her agenda or improves her public persona. She recently was called on the carpet for lying about getting a degree from Harvard.

From the Harvard Crimson:

Carol Moseley Braun, whose career includes a term in the U.S. Senate representing Illinois and a stint as U.S. ambassador to New Zealand, clearly has an impressive record of achievement behind her.

One accomplishment that she can’t claim, however, is having graduated with a degree from Harvard. Be that as it may, Braun did just that in a radio interview on a Chicago radio station last Wednesday, but Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune quickly caught the glitch.

“I’m a product of the Chicago Public Schools. I walked to school in the neighborhood in which I lived. I got a quality education that took me on to a law degree from the University of Chicago and advanced degrees from Harvard.

Though she never received a Harvard degree, Braun does at least have some connection to Harvard. She was a visiting fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics in 2007.

Full article here.

People around here think Redneck Riviera politics are bad, I’m glad I don’t live in Chicago.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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