Cain is able…

…to speak articulately about conservatism.

****UPDATE – Cain to keynote at CPAC – Read it all at The Other McCain here.****

Herman Cain – founder of Godfather’s Pizza spoke at the conference sponsored by the Koch brothers last week.

From his op-ed in the Daily Caller:

A week ago I attended and spoke at a private conference in California, which was hosted by two very successful and prominent businessmen. These businessmen and their wives have hosted this same conference in Palm Springs for the last eight years, and many of the invited attendees are also successful people.

Attendees heard presentations and participated in discussions on issues of national importance. The conference was held at a very nice private resort, but this year for the first time the conference was protested by 1,000-plus union members representing various labor organizations.

They gathered across the street from the main entrance of the resort, hoping to get some media attention such that the conference would be disrupted. They did get some media attention, but the conference was not interrupted. Maximum on-site security plus local police assistance prevented that from happening.

Many of them wore their union-identifying T-shirts, such as Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and carried signs objecting to a private gathering by private citizens on private property.

They had megaphones leading chants toward the resort, expressing their objections to those assembled. They rushed the police line knowing that they would be arrested. About 25 of them got their wish.

Their objections? The attendees were successful and conservative, with the audacity to have a meeting and talk about shared beliefs in limited government, our free market system and constitutional liberties.

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