Rule 5 Tuesday – Sounds French

We have solidly established that Tuesday is the saddest day of the week. Said it before – Monday brings the promise of a new week…Tuesday immediately crushes it. Wednesday is Hump Day, the pivotal day of the week. Thursday is Friday Eve with the elation and anticipation of the end of the week. Tuesday isn’t Friday – sweet and delicious Friday – the official end of the workweek and the beginning of a weekend of rest or debauchery (or both).

Tuesday is basically worthless…it is filler, a placeholder, a spacer, a flat washer on the bolt of life.

So, once again in unabashed observance of The Other McCain’s Rule 5 of How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog in Less Than a Year – aka the Christina Hendricks rule – and in celebration of this website winning the coveted Full Metal Jacket Reach-Around Award, I present to you the French sounding beauty, Emmanuelle Vaugier – she isn’t French but who cares? She was was born in Vancouver – Oh, Canada! – and has graced American TV and movies since 1995 (she was 19 at the time of her first role).


One thought on “Rule 5 Tuesday – Sounds French

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