Have we hit a cultural rock bottom?

Can we agree that we have to be close to rock bottom as a culture?

LADY GAGA ‘gives birth’ to alien life forms in startling scenes from her new video.

The lengthy seven-minute promo to comeback single Born This Way features the singer in stirrups, simulating labour on the planet G.O.A.T.

Then an array of astonishing slimy creatures emerge from between her legs.

And from the fashion world:

FASHION guru John Galliano was filmed having a vile racist rant during which he declared: “I love Hitler.”

Yeah, I had to google Galliano, too – the only reason that I even know the name is that it was in the lyrics of a Gwen Stefani song a few years ago. Fashion for me is when I wear a starched white shirt with my jeans and a sport coat. I only go as far as Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and Armani.

How can lefties not understand that this gives legitimacy to the “Great Satan” image that is peddled to great effect in the Islamic world? I’m not a Muslim or even a fundamentalist Christian but I just find this stuff disgusting, unnecessary, infantile and a general waste of time. The things that the left thinks are beautiful and full of meaning, are proven over and over to be ugly and empty.

Tell me again how modern “liberal” culture advances humanity? And, yes, I know…I don’t have to listen or buy the wares but this is what is presented to the world as representative of a liberal, open society (liberal in the classic sense, not the Marxist one).

Some of you lefty lurkers please defend Galliano and GaGa…I want the world to see what that brand of insanity looks like.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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