Rule 5 Bonus – The Women of Culinary Delight

Well, I was up at 2 a.m. Central Time this morning due to my body clock being on UK time. Let me tell you, there is little on TV at 2 and an idle mind is truly the devil’s playground. One would think that no good could come from this but that’s not true. I wound up on the Food Network and as strange as it might sound, this little early morning TV episode is the genesis of a second Rule 5 post within the last 24 hours.

Please allow me to present the Women of Culinary Delight:

We have:

  • Padma Lakshmi: Formerly known as Salman Rushdie’s wife (they are divorced), the lovely Padma is an Indian American cookbook author, actress, and model. She has been the host of the US reality television program Top Chef since season two in 2006.
  • Nigella Lawson: Nigella is the foodie world’s answer to Christina Hendricks. She is a British food writer, journalist and broadcaster. Lawson is the daughter of Nigel Lawson and Vanessa Salmon, whose family owned the J. Lyons and Co. empire. Her father, Nigel, became Chancellor of the Exchequer for the UK government (roughly equivalent to the Secretary of the Treasury in the US).
  • Giada de Laurentiis: is an Italian American chef, writer, television personality, and the host of the current Food Network program Giada at Home. She also appears regularly as a contributor and guest co-host on NBC’s Today. She is also the grand-daughter of movie mogul Dino de Laurentiis.
  • Sophie Dahl: Sophie is the host of the Delicious Miss Dahl on the BBC. Born Sophie Holloway, is an English author, cookbook writer and former model. She was born in London, the daughter of actor Julian Holloway and writer Tessa Dahl. Her maternal grandparents were author Roald Dahl and actress Patricia Neal.
  • Rachel Ray: Rach is famous to most non-kitchen inclined men via her FHM pictorial of several years ago. Rachel is an American television personality, celebrity chef and author. She hosts the syndicated talk and lifestyle program Rachael Ray and three Food Network series, 30 Minute Meals, Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels and $40 a Day. Ray wrote cookbooks based on the 30 Minute Meals concept, and launched a magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, in 2006. Ray’s television shows have won two Daytime Emmy Awards.
  • Last but not least is Sandra Lee: I won’t even deduct points from the delicious Miss Lee even though she is the girlfriend of Democrat Andrew Cuomo. She is an American television cook and author. She is known for her “Semi-Homemade” cooking concept, which involves 70 percent pre-packaged products with 30 percent fresh items.

Enjoy these culinary delights…our motto here has become: “Come for the beautiful women, stay for the weak political analysis and poor writing.”

Pics, as always, are below the fold and are safety sealed for your protection.

And, let me say in advance, you’re welcome

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