Motor City or Moron City?

Detroit used to be the Motor City – now it looks more like the Moron City. With the burgeoning Islamic population in the area, even the nickname MoTown takes on a completely different connotation. Once a bastion of manufacturing and free enterprise, Detroit is now a dying government town, beholden to the federal government and the unions.

Detroit is broke, half its adult population is functionally illiterate and the city government is riddled with corruption, so this is hardly shocking:

Money to help poor people buys furniture for Detroit department

A Detroit nonprofit that received a no-bid, $1.2-million contract from the city to provide services to low-income people misspent $200,000 on furniture that ended up in city offices, the Free Press has learned.

Coming on the heels of this:

Critics: $2.3M Detroit library project a symbol of waste amid budget crisis

The South Wing is stocked with 20 yellow and orange European lounge chairs that cost $1,092 apiece, artistic pendant light fixtures and two alcohol-burning fireplaces. The project morphed from a $300,000 furniture update to a $2.3 million overhaul with new floors, study rooms, lighting and built-in, wood-framed book shelves.

“$1,100 per chair is reckless spending for a public institution,” said Todd Kelly, president of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 1259, which represents 125 workers, including clerks, janitors and security staffers.

“It would be easier to swallow the current situation if we didn’t see things like that.”

There is a joke that a tour group from North Korea went to Detroit and then couldn’t wait to get home.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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