Weinergate – Yes, this is happening…

…and it couldn’t happen to a bigger tool (pun intended). Breitbart broke it, no MSM covered it until people like Ace,  Stacy McCain, Dan Riehl and Moe Lane jumped on it like the intrepid cub reporter Jimmy Olsen at the Daily Planet would have.

It is disgusting yet celebratory at the same time  because if it is proven (and it ain’t looking good for Tony, the Sausage King of New York), it represents the epitome of an idiotic act that the MSM are ignoring and it represents once again that citizen journalists have more interest in holding public officials to account.

Lets see if  the Sausage King resigns as fast as our “craigslist” Republican, Chris Lee (also of New York – what is in the water up there?) did.

Maybe Weiner was just interpreting another pole – oops, I meant poll (no, I didn’t).

The sausage twitpic (allegedly belonging to Wiener) after the fold.

3 thoughts on “Weinergate – Yes, this is happening…

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