Rule 5 – Jamie Chung

Jamie  Chung is an American actress and former cast member on the MTV reality television series, The Real World: San Diego and its spin-off show, Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II. She has made appearances in TV and films, such as I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Sorority Row, The Hangover Part II, and Sucker Punch.

And she is haaaaawt! More below the fold…


4 thoughts on “Rule 5 – Jamie Chung

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  3. Wow Jamie Chung is not only the hottest asian babe I have ever seen she is the hottest babe in the whole world. Check out some of those costumes in Sucker Punch & what I would do to be that lolly she sucks.

  4. i just love jamie chung 4 one shes asian i have a thing 4 asian women.and she is the whole package, i would lick the scum off her feet if i was her

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