Lessons Learned

What have we learned in the ten years since the Towers fell?

I wish that I could say that we have gained clarity but it seems that clarity is still elusive – but we have learned some things about militant Islam and about our “progressive” ideological opponents as well.

First, we have learned that militant Islam is alive and well and a danger to the Western World even after our successes in fighting it. We know that this brand of ideology seeks to dominate the world, that there are several Islamic scholars who state that conversion by the sword is acceptable in Islam and is necessary to create a global caliphate…and there are those who believe that unless Islam dominates the world, there can be no peace as it is the one “true” religion.

We know that Suras 9 and 5 in the Koran are believed to be Mohammed’s last words and as such trump the earlier pronouncements – Sura 9:29 says,

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” 

The “People of the Book” is the Muslim terminology for the Jewish people.

Of course, some will intone that Christianity was also once prosecuted at the point of a sword – the difference is that Christianity went through a reformation.

Reformation was possible in Christianity because the Bible is seen as INSPIRED by God and written by man but the Koran is considered to be the actual WORD of God, literal and unchangeable. Since the belief is that the Koran is the actual word of God, there is no possibility of fallibility and no need for reform.

I know from seeing it that there are Imams on the streets of places like Lahore, Riyadh and Tehran who preach that Christianity is at war with Islam and by extension, at war with the word of God. This view is being used as a balm to assuage the locals of gripping poverty and free them from personal responsibility (we are poor because America represses us due to our religion) and as a cynical ploy by the monarchs and theocracies to maintain control over their people – the more time they spend being angry at America, the less time they have to consider their own situation.

I cannot judge whether God spoke directly to Mohammed or not, or what he said if he did. I do believe that God speaks to those who will listen and that it is highly unlikely that he told him, “Remember that Jesus thing from 600 years ago?  Forget that, you’re my guy now.” That’s a hard thing for Christians to get past. I can’t, I won’t – but I won’t kill another human because of it unless they attack me, my family or my community – and even though there are attempts on this site to tie Christians to terror events, religion is almost never a prime motive. In the Islamic world, unfortunately, it is. The 9/11 attacks were not about economic repression, they were for the “glory of Allah”.

Just a few questions for the “progressives” on this site – ever wonder why there are no “progressives” in Islamic countries? Why are there no atheists? Why no debate over gay rights? Why are multiple attacks on America by Muslims not evidence of a greater threat and one white guy in Norway evidence that there is Christian terrorism?

Might want to think about those questions.

The second thing that we have learned is that there are those who are willing to get to the root of their prejudices and look at them logically.

Too bad there are those who aren’t.

There is a common theme here and it isn’t within the conservative community. It rests firmly within the so called “progressive” community. There are a set of responses common to “progressives” that indicate a level of comfort in their world with willful ignorance in order to avoid dealing with things uncomfortable to them.

I have stood against some of my friends and fellow conservatives in my belief that the Constitution does not prescribe Christianity nor does it preclude a Muslim being president (although I do believe that fundamentalist Islam is not comparable with America or the Constitution).

It can be validated with the fervor of “progressive” attacks on conservatives like Michelle Bachmann, Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor, the hissing vitriol directed at Republican politicians like Rick Perry, Herman Cain and George Bush and doing so while defending or excusing people or beliefs that have caused actual harm to the nation. According known terrorists the same constitutional rights as American citizens enjoy would be a prime example.

See if any of these ring a bell:

Point out that radical Islamists took down the Twin Towers, we are bigots that are saying that all Muslims are terrorists.

Point out that Social Security needs reform, we want to starve grandma.

Point out that social programs are creating dependency, we hate minorities.

Point out that EPA regulations are killing jobs that people need to live, we are for pollution and poisoning the environment.

Point out the gaps in climate “science”, we are “flat earthers” against science.

Point out that the free enterprise system is the best hope to end poverty, we hate the poor.

Point out that reduced taxes boost the economy, we are catering to the rich.

Point out that crossing the border without going through legal processes is a crime, we hate immigrants.

Point out that Obama’s policies are failures, we are racists.

Two things that all these have in common – they all are untrue and there is a belief in “progressive” circles that, once they are uttered, the debate is over.

Well, uncomfortable or not, the debate is NOT over.

That is the true lesson of this September 11th.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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