Paul, Medea has your back…

Lest ye tortured souls think that Paul Krugman is on his own, Medea Benjamin, founder of Code Pink, has his back…

Via Megyn Kelly/Fox News/Mediaite.

I can’t get the video to post correctly but the link takes you there.

To think that Krugman is a solo act would be folly, James Taranto called him “History’s Smallest Monster“, Greg Gutfield a “bitter, bearded buffoon“…but there is a small group of radical leftists in America masquerading as liberals. I have liberal friends – but none that support this level of derangement. In the case of Krugs and Benjamin, it seems to be directed toward anyone who isn’t as much a fanatical leftist as they are.

I can’t believe that even loyal liberals can read Krugman or listen Benjamin and not be offended. At some level, these two must viscerally hate America (at least the one outside the New York City limits) so bad that it hurts – or they are just so angry that Obama wasn’t “the one they were waiting for” that they just can’t process the vicissitudes of life.

These leftist fools have turned into  “adult” versions of a three year old having a meltdown in the candy aisle of the supermarket. They don’t know what they want, all they know is that someone isn’t giving it to them, but they want it now!

It is just mindless anger directed at anyone who disagrees with them or tries to inject any logic or reality at all.

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