Rule 5 – Huda Naccache

I can see the headlines now: Breaking news! First Arab magazine to feature a beautiful woman in a bikini on the cover! Protests planned! Death to the Great Satan! Break out the Birkinis and cover all women!

From the Daily Mail:

This month’s Lilac, for the first time ever, sees an Arab magazine featuring a model in a bikini on its front cover. And, to double the cause for celebration, that stunning, strong and empowering woman is an Arab Israeli.

The model in question is 22-year-old Huda Naccache, from Haifa, who poses wearing a black sequinned bikini, her fixed stare cementing the magazine’s determination to make a difference.

In a region that is synonymous with gender discrimination, women’s rights violations and spousal domination, Lilac is daring to tread where no other publisher in the Middle East has ventured.

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Yara said: ‘Since I established [Lilac] in Nazareth, Israel 10 years ago, I set out to break taboos regarding women in society… I worked on empowering and liberating [women].’

She continued: ‘Huda is the first Arab model to appear on the cover of an Arabic magazine in a bikini. Lilac is the first Arabic magazine to show a cover with a bikini!

More pics of the lovely Huda, Miss Earth 2011 contestant below the fold…

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