Rule 5 – Golf Channel Edition

Yes, they do have the Golf Channel in Scotland. What would you expect in the birthplace of the sport?

For the record, St. Andrews is only about an hour away from Edinburgh but that is not the birthplace of golf. The actual reputed birthplace is Leith, now a part of the greater Edinburgh area and less than a mile from my flat here on the corner of Dundas  and Great King streets.

Anyhooo…I was running the channels looking for American football and ran across Lauren Brook Thompson and the promo for her show on the Golf Channel. Naturally, being the inquiring mind that I am, I googled her – the result was this week’s Rule 5.

Her Wiki bio states:

Lauren Thompson or Lauren Brooke (born July 29, 1982) is a National TV personality, print and voiceover model who currently works for Golf Channel hosting “Top Ten” and “Golf Now” (formerly “Destination Golf”), as well the “College Sports Minute”. She is also known for previously working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) as a backstage interviewer. Thompson was born July 29, 1982 and raised in Orlando, Florida, where she currently resides.

Golf Channel bio:

Lauren Thompson joined Golf Channel in 2009 as host of the network’s “Top 10” series, a Golf Channel original series that provides an entertaining and informative countdown of controversial and compelling stories in golf. She also hosts the network’s new travel documentary series, “GolfNow.”

In addition to her Golf Channel duties, Thompson also hosts’s “College Sports Minute.” An actress, host and model for more than nine years, Thompson is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and resides in Orlando.


3 thoughts on “Rule 5 – Golf Channel Edition

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