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The #OCCUPY[your name here] protests are a perfect example of how infantile the communist movement has become. True commies should be embarrassed at these “After School Special” versions of civil unrest. This is like a “60’s for Dummies” version of anarchy – rebels without a clue.

They call themselves a:

…leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants.

The Big Leftist Media wants you to think that this “angst and anger” is something new – it isn’t. It is the same old Marxist/Anarchist ideology that was present in the 1960’s – except today, even with improved technology; poorly executed by a bunch of FaceBook/Twitter morons who have whipped themselves into a frenzy now that they have finally realized that the “Big Corporations” won’t pay them a six figure salary for degrees in art history, gender studies, music therapy, comparative literature or my personal favorite – a Master of Arts in French and Romance Philology (all real degrees – I didn’t make them up).

An always accurate Mark Steyn puts steel on target:

Ah, but the great advantage of mass moronization is that it leaves you too dumb to figure out who to be mad at. At Liberty Square, one of the signs reads: “F**k your unpaid internship!” Fair enough. But, to a casual observer of the massed ranks of Big Sloth, it’s not entirely clear what precisely anyone would ever pay them to do.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against someone getting a degree in French and Romance Philology…but perhaps a little business class mixed in as an undergrad might show that the return on investment of a load of college loan debt vs a niche degree might not be a good bet. Some degrees you get paid for, some you just pay to get. Maybe these brats should be protesting Big Academia.

These Krazy Kids are just the latest incarnation of Lenin’s “useful idiots” with far worse manners (warning – explicit scat content). These “protests” look like a kindergarten playground gone bad. It is like someone spiked the juice boxes with LSD and then passed out MacBooks, free WiFi and “special” brownies laced with weed.

What is new is the overt attempt by a political class and the media to dismiss healthy skepticism and true reportage and actively attempt to create legitimacy for them.

Russia Today – always an accurate representation of the communist view of America (but apparently without any sense of irony) reports:

Two miles from the chaos, at the United Nations, even financier and billionaire George Soros weighed in on the populist uprising.

“Actually, I can understand their sentiments, frankly,” he said. “The decision not to inject capital into the banks but to effectively relieve them of their bad assets, and them allow them to earn their way out of a hole, gave the banks bumper profits and that allowed them to pay bumper bonuses. As I say, I can sympathize with their grievances.”

It is completely lost on them that they used the quote of a billionaire to support “a movement impossible to ignore” that isn’t being ignored while protesting against billionaires. I guess some billionaires are more equal than others. Wait – I thought that billionaires in a communist society were not supposed to exist – they are like Obama’s unicorns?

This new Marxism is confusing to me.

Actually, their lack of seriousness makes them easy to ignore – except for their comedic value. Smitty at The Other McCain highlights this video of the #OccupyAtlanta group silencing civil rights hero, congressman John Lewis, tipped off by reader Warner Todd Huston:

A bunch of child-like protesters in Atlanta, Georgia refused left-wing Congressman John Lewis — a civil rights icon to many — to be allowed to address the crowd this weekend. The whole scene is reminiscent of the worst, hackneyed, new agie-styled preschool program devised for 5-year-olds by one of the most idiotic leftist imaginable. But it makes for hilarious video entertainment.

…but back to the faux seriousness – Russia Today continues:

Grievances spreading so loud and large that mainstream media outlets have been left with no other choice but to cover the protests.

In a matter of weeks, “Occupy Wall Street” has not only mobilized international attention. Many believe this ongoing event could become a turning point in the US, where a mass movement goads American politicians into working for the majority of the people – a passionate collective demanding democracy from the very leaders that promote it.

Please. Media has “no other choice but to cover the protests”? These dirty, Marxist, hippie retreads have been the focus of the cheerleaders in “Big Left Media” since this started. The Democrats, their willing accomplices in the media and their leftist fellow travelers are working desperately to create an air of moral authority around these examples of arrested development. One has to imagine that there is a lot of angst in the creation of such a meme when the protesters are proving to be cartoon characters.

Democratic politicians run to the nearest camera to claim solidarity with them and inflate their importance to that of the “Arab Spring” or the Civil Rights protests of the ‘60’s. The people who put their lives on the line for reform in the Middle East and marched with Martin Luther King should be disgusted at this “Schoolhouse Rock” bastardization of true change agent movements. All these idiots have at risk are trust funds, welfare checks and grant money.

Not Marxism? Compare their demands to this I wrote in January of this year:

What we are experiencing today is what I call “Marxism by degree”. Many of my opponents reject that this is happening because it isn’t wholesale – it doesn’t fit the textbook definition on a macro level; however, it is not arguable that there are sections of our society and economy that are being transformed by degree and this is opening the door to faster future erosion of our liberty. It does, in fact, fit the definition on a micro level – when there are many micro level changes, they eventually add up to a macro shift. It is stunning how many of Obama’s supporters cannot see that that they are being used for this “grand plan” unless, of course, they are Marxists as well.

What is Marxism? Webster defines it as” the political, economic, and social principles and policies advocated by Marx; especially : a theory and practice of socialism including the labor theory of value, dialectical materialism, the class struggle, and dictatorship of the proletariat until the establishment of a classless society.” Marxism isn’t socialism, but socialism is one of the pillars that support it…

Socialism…Socialistic policies are necessary to create the path to Marxism, the eventual goal of which is a master planned society where the value of all work is equal, where there is no God, where there is a dictatorship to control the masses and class distinction is removed…The problem is that America would have to be stripped of two things that we have fought wars over – freedom and self determination.

The labor theory of value – this is a proposition that the value of any good or service is only determined by the amount of labor required to generate it. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? In fact, the addition of a Marxist twist turns it into a way to equivocate the value of skilled and unskilled labor, therefore the “value of a commodity increases in proportion to the duration and intensity of labor performed on average for its production. Part of what the LTV means by “socially necessary” is that the value only increases in proportion to this labor as it’s performed with average skill and average productivity. So though workers may labor with greater skill or more productivity than others, these more skillful and more productive workers will thus produce more value through the production of greater quantities of the finished commodity: each unit still bearing the same value as all the others of the same class of commodity. By working sloppily, the unskilled workers may drag down the average skill of labor, thus increasing the average labor time necessary for the production of each unit commodity. But these unskillful workers cannot hope to sell the result of their labor process at a higher price (as opposed to value) simply because they have spent more time than other workers producing the same kind of commodities.”

Dialectical materialism: In this fusion of Friedrich Hegel’s dialectic thought with the materialism of Ludwig Andreas von Feuerbach, it states that all things that happen or exist have an explanation in logic and nature. It rejects any possibility that there are any supernatural reasons for anything; essentially it states that there is no God. Marxists defend this position by stating that it is a desire to live strictly by logic but my understanding and opinion is that it is used to remove any possibility of allegiance to anything but the state. Since the state controls all natural things, owns all property, controls all social activities, dialectical materialism leads to the “state” being the alpha and omega, the question and the answer to all. The people must look to the state for everything…

Class struggle and the dictatorship of the proletariat until the establishment of a classless society: in Marxist theory, this statement does not apply to social class (i.e. the conventional understanding of upper, middle and lower as we understand today); rather it defines class according to economic class. Membership in a class is defined by one’s relationship to the means of production, i.e., one’s position in the social structure that characterizes capitalism. Marx talks mainly about two classes that include the vast majority of the population, the proletariat (the laboring class – the worker) and the bourgeoisie (owners of capital or means of production). The end result of this “struggle” would be that the workers overcome the owners to become the owners…

Marx envisioned that this struggle built on the former pillars would lead to a classless society where all were equal regardless of effort, ability or knowledge. That is embodied in his famous quote, “from each according to his ability to each according to his need.”

AllahPundit at Hot Air sums it up neatly in this recitation in “Quotes of the Day:”

“There’s this running gag on the Internet where, whenever someone makes a mountain out of a molehill—“GRRR! Glee sucking this season!!! FML!!!—someone retorts, ‘#FirstWorldProblems.’ Three simple words, but they illustrate one’s lack of proportion with comparative ease. When life is exponentially easier for you than it was for most of the world throughout most of human history— right up until the mid-twentieth century—boredom creates a vacuum. To be a hero, you have to create your own dragon to slay. But fighting real oppression, the kind ayatollahs dispense daily? Too brutal, too gauche. Mastering the intricacies of credit-default swaps so as to articulate an effective reform of the broken financial system? Way too tough. Better to create a dragon that can only be slain with performance-art zombie metaphors.”

Morons. All of them. Nothing but a circus sideshow. Occupy Wall Street my ass.

6 thoughts on “#OCCUPY[your name here]

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    • Thanks for the props and the linkage. This situation has become a theater of the absurd. It is difficult to watch or to even listen to the tortured memes and the pure illogic coming from this “movement”. It is like they are attempting revolution by committee.

  2. M.; you have that Michael Savage affect on me….. I was laughing and fuming whilst reading.
    Comprendez-vous, chere? 🙂

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