#O[ynh] meets Logic – Logic declines a second date, leaves weeping for the future of mankind

I really hate to keep beating a dead horse but the #Occupy[yournamehere] protests offer such an opportunity to illustrate the effects of 60 years of “progressive” politics.

CBS cheerleads by quoting Jesse LaGreca:

Back in N.Y., 39-year-old Jesse LaGreca is one of the more prominent voices.

“You’ve got people here being told they need to face a lower standard of living, that we can’t pay the wages that we used to enjoy, that the promises that were made to our grandparents are going to be broken,” LaGreca said.

What they don’t tell you is that LaGreca is a Daily Kos diarist, aka Ministry of Truth. Maybe that wasn’t important to the story? Hmmmmmm… Stacy McCain has more similar “lack of disclosure”  foolishness here and here.

Mr. LaGreca achieved some level of fame via Jon Stewart for a supposed “takedown” of FOX News. I’m having a hard time seeing the takedown, I just see the standard leftist claptrap…but I’m not educated in the ways of the Force

Who made these “promises” of perpetual employment, constantly rising wages and retirement?

Weren’t two of these evil entities making these promises the labor unions and the federal government? Aren’t  they still? If so, why are the #O[ynh] folks protesting Wall Street and not Washington?

The #O[ynh] Krazy Kids fall into the circular logic of – corporations are bad, corporations control the government, therefore we need more government control of corporations.

Really? Students of Aristotle, they are not. Janine Garofalo, maybe.

Why, if I didn’t know better, I would think that this is just political street theatre designed to create an issue that Obama can slay. I’ll go back to a quote that AllahPundit posted at Hot Air:

“…When life is exponentially easier for you than it was for most of the world throughout most of human history— right up until the mid-twentieth century—boredom creates a vacuum. To be a hero, you have to create your own dragon to slay. But fighting real oppression, the kind ayatollahs dispense daily? Too brutal, too gauche. Mastering the intricacies of credit-default swaps so as to articulate an effective reform of the broken financial system? Way too tough. Better to create a dragon that can only be slain with performance-art zombie metaphors.”

Again, this new Marxism is very confusing. You must have to buy a program at the gate.

Maybe I missed that tidbit at the last General Assembly. I think it was voted down.

5 thoughts on “#O[ynh] meets Logic – Logic declines a second date, leaves weeping for the future of mankind

  1. Chaos and confusion are weapons and they are wielding them in their favor. The individuals in the street are NOT the problem. The problem lies with the people who are behind this movement, who are organizing it and funding it. DO NOT DISMISS THIS MOVEMENT! The rank-and-file protestor is a useful idiot, but the people pushing them forward are not. They have been working to destroy this nation and the Western way of life their entire lives. Also, do not dismiss the funding behind this. FOLLOW THE MONEY! You will find George Soros at every turn. George Soros, the man who has said:

    “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States…”

  2. Wow! Just wow. I’m more confused then ever. I have heard several people “interviewed” and they all seem to have different “goals.” This has got to be the most fragmented protest I’ve seen, which does not lend a lot of credence to the so called movement. This particular protester seemed to be more concerned with raking Fox over the coals then anything else. I admit I could not watch the entire video, perhaps I missed something significant.

  3. I’m glad you’re beating this dead horse. A college kid just wrote a letter to the editor and I recommended your site and article to him. I inadvertantly got the title backwords; but it is a little more musical to the ear 🙂

  4. This is NOT about any specific agenda as much as it is about causing social unrest with no clear goal. When you have chaos without aim, you can shape it, mold it and lay any claim to it you desire – just as long as YOU are the one pushing it in the direction YOU want it to go. In this sense, the OWS movement DOES have a clear purpose – social unrest that can be used to justify whatever political agenda the organizers behind the scenes desire.

    this is ALL a giant charade.

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