They say you can judge a person by the company they keep…

You can judge movements that way, too. Just like the Teacher’s Unions in Madison a while back.

The Other McCain has this little solidarity moment from the World Workers Party.

Not to ruin the suspense, they are not supporting the Tea Party.

A friend sent me that photo via Twitter, which inspired me to do a bit of Googling. Here is the  PDF of the Workers World Party announcement of their national conference (note the tributes to Che Guevara) and here, in its entirety, is their call to action:

Oct. 8 & 9

Abolish Capitalism,
Fight for Socialism

In the Spirit of Troy Davis:
“Dismantle this unjust system”
The struggle to build a fight back against capitalism and for a socialist future is the theme of the Workers World Party conference this weekend in the South Bronx. Many of the participants have also been part of Occupy Wall Street.
This revolutionary conference will take up: understanding the global capitalist crisis from a Marxist perspective, fighting racism and imperialist wars, as well as a tribute to death row hero Troy Davis.
Conference organizers have enthusiastically shifted plans to include taking time to go to Wall Street to join the occupation Saturday night and Sunday when the conference adjourns. WWP strongly operates under the firm conviction that revolutionary theory is part of the living struggle in order to pose a real challenge to the capitalist system.
Workers World organizers are urging conference participants coming in from around the country as well as New Yorkers to join the Friday, Oct 7, 5 p.m. March across the Brooklyn Bridge to Wall Street, organized by the Haitian Community under the slogan Don’t Occupy Haiti! Occupy Wall Street!
The Conference is scheduled to open at 9 a.m. in the South Bronx at the Paul Robeson Auditorium at East 140th St and Morris Ave. A day of discussing the global crisis and how to fight for peoples immediate needs will be mixed with understanding the fight for a socialist future in workshops and panels.
On Saturday evening at 7 p.m., participants will take the #4 train directly to the Wall Street subway stop to again join in Solidarity with the Occupation.
The conference will reconvene on Sunday morning at 9:30. It will close at 1:30 in order to enable activists from around the county to join the Wall Street Occupation. A Socialist Solidarity delegation will head to the #4 train down to Wall Street with food and materials.
The WWP National conference is dedicated to the revolutionary internationalist Che Guevara, who was martyred on Oct 8, 1967. Besides paying tribute to Guevara and Troy Davis, the conference will also honor the great actor and activist, Paul Robeson and WWP founding member and chairperson, Sam Marcy.
Updates on the Workers World Party Conference schedule and program will be found at:
Register Online Here for 2011 WWP Conference
Breakfast, lunch and snacks are all available at the auditorium.
Take the # 4, 5 trains to East 138th St. & Grand Concourse or the #6 train to East 138th St and Third Ave.

Walk 3 blocks to East 140th St and Morris Ave. to Paul Robeson Center.
Free Parking on the streets in the location of the conference is easily available.

Here is the link for a promotional video for the Workers World conference. Please distribute widely.

Workers World Party

55 W 17th St
New York, NY 10011
Fax 212-675-7869
Workers World Newspaper:
Contact a Workers World branch near you!

So, you worthless Commie thugs, which is it? Are the “Occupy Wall Street” protests a thoroughly mainstream event — for so the liberal media has repeatedly assured us — or is it a revolutionary movement? Because I know all about the history of the WWP, and they are the furthest thing in the world from a “mainstream” organization.

Ever since the Tea Party movement began in 2009, the media have relentlessly used guilt-by-association smears to portray the Tea Party as dangerous and disreputable extremists. How many hundreds of thousands of words have liberal journalists expended on this theme? How often have we seen the Tea Party depicted as a tool of the Koch Brothers?

And yet you — you unwashed punks of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement — get no such scrutiny from the press. Are the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Associated Press and the major TV networks doing stories about how a Marxist-Leninist organization like the WWP is calling for “solidarity” with your protests as part of their “the fight for a socialist future”?

I think not.

This is the point where I would normally say that I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

But I’m not.

All I can muster is “I told you so.”

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