I kid you not. You can’t make this sh*t up. The comedy writes itself.

Ace flags up this tragic 99 Percenter, of whom he says:

This Confused Woman… is mostly complaining that 32% of her salary is going towards taxes.

So what does she demand? “We need help…,” and she seems to mean “from the government.”

A gallon of irony spilled but not a drop splashed upon her.

She wants relief from the 15% of her salary that goes to the student loan but is cool with the 35% that goes to taxes. I guess there was no math in the comparative literature curriculum.

I thought I had seen the ultimate in ironic hypocrisy when I wrote about Russia Today quoting George Soros on the trials and tribulations of the downtrodden #Occupy[yournamehere] protestors but now Drudge has links to these:

Kanye West self parody #1:

Today is the day Kanye went on down to join the 99% (of which he’s not a part, despite having taken out loans recently) at Occupy Wall Street. He wore plaid. Givenchy plaid.

The rapper paired his $355 shirt with what we believe are Balmain jeans, as well as man bracelets and the Yeezy-not-Weezy necklace he debuted at his Paris fashion show. The internet also reports Kanye was sporting a gold grill, but we know those are just his (permanent) gold and diamond crowns.

Kanye West self parody #2:

Everyone’s favorite petulant rapper and producer — he of Lanvin, many necklaces, and the mutilated Maybach — made a pilgrimage with demonstration regular Russell Simmons today to see how the other 99 percent lives. No word yet on whether or not he’s covering Radiohead songs, or even performing at all, but we’ve seen him go without beats before. Then again, maybe that drum circle has a purpose after all.

Message to the #O[ynh] crowd. Dog, these fools may preach solidarity wit you, but they ain’t down wit you, dig? They ain’t wit the struggle. They playin’ you, cuz.

Which is the bigger fool, the fool who believes in fools or the fool himself?

This would be funny if the votes of these sad adult children didn’t count the same as mine.

2 thoughts on “Self-Parody

  1. Perhaps this chick could strip for tips at the OWS. Hey, tax-free, probably better money for the time, hook ups with some of her ilk and, oh, but, wait! She’d have to work another job 😦

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