No photos, please. We are demonstrating.

I’ve noticed a dearth of aerial photographs of the #Occupy[yournamehere] protests. The professional Left is sure that it is just censorship…a mainstream media blackout.

But is it?

We saw plenty of overhead pictures of the Tea Party protests, making it easy to estimate crowd size.We are only seeing street level shots of the “protests” – even though there is plenty of high ground around Hippie Central – Zuccotti Park.

Think maybe that the “massive” sizes of the protests are not so “massive” after all and the media is actually protecting the Krazy Kids from embarrassment?

Here’s the best current shot I could find – it is from the Daily Mail in the UK.

Looks like about a third of the crowd is the media. If they are working on a media blackout – they are doing it wrong

The Daily Mail has this caption for the following pic…”Watching on: People appeared on their balconies and one gave a thumbs-up to the protesters.” From the angle of the hand, I’m not sure that is a thumb he has up.

Here’s a shot of the Tea Party Washington protest on September 12, 2009.

Big Leftist Media blackout or Big Leftist Media protection? I report, you decide.

5 thoughts on “No photos, please. We are demonstrating.

  1. M,

    “Leftist media” is an oxymoron. I believe the term you are looking for is the Democratic media, which – by logical extension – translates to the Administration’s (govt.’s) media, which is better known as PROPAGANDA!

    We should start calling the LSM, “Pravda West.” It is little different from Pravda: same story line, different nation/regime.

  2. B3A- If there were all the throngs that they are claiming, there would be pictures shoved in our faces every day. Jon Stewart’s answer to Glenn Beck’s rally has about a third of the people attend and we saw shots of that in an attempt to equivocate the two when there was no equivocation.

    If these were “massive” and the “protests of this era”, we would have the proof. It is a classic example of propaganda – you are spot on.

    • Oh, I know. I also know that the Park Service had a MUCH higher estimate of his crowd than what was “officially” published. They had his crowd at WELL over 1000,000.

      DO NOT trust ANYTHING from Pravda West. 🙂

  3. If I were in the liberal media, and knowing that I am supposed to make liberal causes look appealing, I wouldn’t want to cover these protests too much either. These occupations don’t do the liberals much good to be honest. The groups are small, the people look like homeless people, what they say they want is ridiculous for the most part, and they are just too nasty to look at and be around.

    • Yes, but the people in Pravda West, our universities and the people coming out of them don’t care. These protestors are useful idiots – nothing more than a means to an ends. The people BEHIND THE MOVEMENT, the organizers are not like these folks. Have you seen a picture of Van Jones? HE is the one you need to watch out for. And then there are the Congressmen and women supporting these people.

      Watch, violence will soon follow and the govt. will use it as an excuse to violate the Constitution – again.

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