2 thoughts on “What if Glenn Beck is right?

  1. Right about global warming being a hoax.

    Right about George Soros influence in global affairs, and in his desire to bring down the U.S.

    Right about the coming crash in 2008.

    Right about buying gold.

    Right about Obama being the eventual winner in 2008.

    Right about ACORN trying to rig voting in the 2008 election.

    Right about coming inflation.

    Right about the U.S. govt./federal reserve devaluing our money.

    Right about the collapse of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy (he missed Ireland)

    Right about the coming violence in Europe.

    Right about the Muslim Brotherhood being behind the “Arab Spring”

    Right about the calls for a new Caliphate.

    Right about OWS coming in September (called this in Jan 2011).

    Right that the leftists in our govt. would start coming out and admitting they are RADICAL SOCIALISTS and REVOLUTIONARY MARXISTS (have you been LISTENING lately?)

    Right about this and more:


    How much more does the man have to call before this nation start to listen?

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