The need to lead…

This was written a few years ago, all will be explained a the end of the post…

Although I am an avowed conservative and by association, am a member of the Republican Party, the following is not about party affiliation. It is about being American.

Our leaders have failed us. It has taken some 30 years since the Reagan revolution and the Republican wins in 1994 to expose the farce but now it is complete. We now have two candidates fully representative of this decline in a Democrat who is basically an empty suit filled with meaningless rhetoric and a Republican who is unwilling to engage the support of conservatives to win – in fact, he shows all appearances of not even wanting to win (can you imagine Reagan not taking advantage of the multitude of openings handed to McCain by Obama to expose his fatal flaws?). This is what we have brought upon ourselves in the process of moving to the much touted “middle” (read – mediocrity).

We have elected and supported a political class that routinely says anything necessary to get our votes and then “recalibrates” their positions for power, personal gain and a feeling of “going along to get along”. What passes for progress in Washington is now so far divorced from what is needed for the progress of America that it no longer bears any currency for the average citizen, the average businessman or almost anyone outside the beltway.

The leadership failures (all of them) of the current political class (R’s and D’s) are manifest in one singular failure and that is the failure to keep the USA as the top engine in the world for freedom, economic growth and innovation. Rush Limbaugh speaks of his belief in “American Exceptionalism” – this is the key. When one hears the word “can’t” over and over from our leadership, one knows that nobody thinks of us as Numero Uno any more. I challenge you to look back over the last two weeks and count the number of times a public official used the terms “can’t”, “won’t”, “lost” or “shouldn’t” – all negatives indicating in unwillingness or fear of doing something.

The world economy and the world power structure both are basically a pyramid scheme. If you aren’t on the top of the pyramid, you and your populace suffer. For a century, the USA was on top of that pyramid and enjoyed the fruits of that position. The only difference between then and now is that we have lost the belief that being #1 is the right thing to do, that we can responsibly continue to exploit (exploit is not a bad word) our own resources be they intellectual, natural or other to support our economy and we should try to bring freedom to the world (who are we to say that freedom is better than totalitarianism – we can’t judge).

As for the loss of belief in # 1, it is all around us. From elementary school sports not keeping score or kid’s baseball leagues cancelling All-Star games because it could harm self esteem, to the “Don’t Drill Democrats”…self defeatism in the name of some crazy belief that if we all lose, that equates somehow to “fairness”. I have a newly formed theory that the reason that our political class doesn’t want to be #1 is because with leadership comes hard decisions – decisions that will not be universally accepted and situations like Iraq, take a moral component to make. This kind of decision is such an anathema to the modern political operative that it is out of the question to make one.

Gas prices have less to do with speculation and supply concerns that they do with the lack of a positive and clear economic message from our leaders. We are very clear as to what we can’t do. We can’t explore for more of our own oil, we can’t win a war, we can’t execute trade agreements with other partners, we can’t use nuclear power…these are all the things that we are telling the world that we can’t do. This has resulted in a dollar at historic lows, interest rates that are driving capital out of our financial institutions, a stock market in free fall. The world looks at us with a very uncertain eye, they are perplexed at our inability to move forward and it is incomprehensible to most countries why we are so unwilling to be #1 in the world when they would give their right leg to be where we are. Failure in leadership, confusion, political agendas – this is what we, as an electorate have wrought.

Where can we go from here? Here’s my take:

  1. We have to return to a mindset that we, as Americans, are exceptional. No matter what we say, there is not a person out there that says every morning, “I’m going to be average today!” Even though it has taken a beating over the last 20 years or so, the spirit of exceptionalism still exists, it has just gone underground and taken a back seat to the sham of multi-culturalism.
  2. We need to keep score. The world is …through things like exchange rates, trade deficits, gas prices and political power. The world cares not for our self esteem.
  3. The current political class has to go and the bureaucracy that facilitates it must go as well. With some exceptions on both sides of the aisle, these people have failed us. We need to vote them out and we need to install some methodology of immediate redress when they violate a pledge to their constituents.
  4. Power must be put back in the hands of the people. When people no longer have a direct connection with their representative governance, they lose the ability to govern. We see this in low turnouts for national elections and the rise of “special interest” groups. We have to get government back to the concept that it derives its power from the consent of the governed, not in spite of that consent or lack thereof. Lack of consent is also a decision and sends a message. Choosing not to decide is also a de facto decision. In these days where one can view anything or purchase anything via the internet from the comfort of our own homes, having our political class isolated in Washington is obsolete. My senators and representatives should be spending 90% of their time in our state and 10% in Washington, not the other way around.
  5. Along with the changing of the political class, the era of “Big Government” has to end. The nature of any organism is to do what it takes to survive and grow and we see this in our current federal structure. Laws are passed that require other laws and regulations and the agencies to oversee them. Every law has unintended consequences that overtime costs us all some liberty or some of the fruits of our labor.
  6. We have to make decisions and move forward. The cultural perspective that says that everything is relative is a load of garbage; there are “right” and “wrong” decisions. As a business person responsible for a company, if I took the position that nothing is right or wrong, the business would fail and I would be out of a job.

Until we make a decision to demand better from our elected representatives and hold them accountable for their actions, we will continue to wallow in confusion and indecision. If anyone is happy with the status quo, this is an example of the future if we don’t change.

The stuff written above was posted in July of 2008 but originally written in 2006 – before the Republicans lost Congress and way before Obama. The bit about Obama ann McCain was added in a rewrite in 2008. I still stand by the logic as we ramp up to select a Republican nominee and eventually a new president in 2012. What I wrote over 5 years ago still stands true.

24 thoughts on “The need to lead…

  1. Well said, my friend, but I am going to repeat my refrain – only in a slightly different way by offering these words from Voltaire:

    “If there were no God, it would be necessary to invent Him.”

    I sure hope people understand that. I know you do.

    • LOL, I find it interesting that you would make that claim when you can’t answer a simple question about the world you believe your “science” has explained. Sort of makes one wonder whether or not you are voting Republican…LOL

  2. The other half are communist and vote Democrat, so what’s your point?

    Actually there is something called the Dunning-Kruger Effect that most of you “progressives” fall victim to in your ineptness. I wrote about it here.

    Here’s a little taste:

    Developed by psychologists and researchers Justin Kruger and David Dunning, the aptly named Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which an unskilled person makes poor decisions and reaches erroneous conclusions, but their incompetence is of such as scale that it eliminates the ability for them to realize their own mistakes. The unskilled therefore suffer from an illusion of superiority, rating their ability as above average, far higher than it actually is. It also explains why, in the face of clear evidence that their decisions are wrong, they plod ahead while proclaiming their superiority. A common statement when challenged is, “I can’t explain it to you because you just wouldn’t understand”, and the implication is that you just aren’t smart enough to challenge them. People exhibiting the Dunning-Kruger effect are often highly self-confident, some to the point of boorish behavior, and often exhibit an “absolutist” attitude toward their actions…even in the face of clear failure.

    • Yep, your blog is a good example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. There is absolutely no evidence of the existence of God, other than some books written a few thousand years ago, which were derived from books written earlier, yet you right-wingers stand together, unflinching in your beliefs. The same goes for your politics. There is an deluge of evidence that shows conservative policies don’t work and are catastrophic to our country, you you continue to aggressively support those policies. You even lie to defend them.

      • None? You’re stuck on stupid, aren’t you. How about Stephen Hawking’s work?

        His first theory to explain our observations of the universe proved that this universe will expand into nothingness – not a continual cycle of expanding and contracting as one NEEDS to support the “no Creator” theory. He didn’t like that because it pointed DIRECTLY to the NECESSITY for a Creator.

        So he constructed his “no boundaries” theory – which was then shot down by his arch “black hole” nemesis. Result? Back tot he necessity for a Creator.

        Since Hawking wants to deny the implications of his own work, he then devised another theory which was a modified form of his original. It works fine and it even explains how the universe can just “poof” in to existence – except for one little problem: it relies on imaginary math (like the square root of -1). Place REAL numbers in to his new equations and you are back at his first theory – the theory that explains ACTUAL observation: the Big Bang. And you are back to the necessity for a Creator.

        Even the effort in to “unification theory” is pointing to the necessity for a Creator, so do NOT tell this board that we have no proof. Proof is everywhere, you just choose to deny it.

        Next objection, please. That one was too easy: like playing T-ball with 3 y/o’s – YOU being the 3 y/o.

      • As for this supposed evidence that conservative policies do not work, this is actually an out-and-out lie. In truth, the HISTORIC RECORD proves the opposite to be true. Do you even know about the great depression of 1920? I bet you don’t, and you know why? Because we got out of it in 18 months by SLASHING govt. spending in 1/2 and cutting taxes at the same time. The result? THE ROARING 20’s. Worked for JFK and Reagan and Clinton, too. In fact, IT WORKS EVERY TIME IT IS TRIED! Keynesian voo-doo, on the other hand, made our Great Depression great. Because of LEFTIST policies, our depression lasted a decade LONGER than it did in the rest of the world and, had it NOT been for WW II, would probably STILL be going on. Need more proof? I GIVE YOU DETROIT! When was the last time a conservative ran that city?

        You really aren’t very well prepared to do intellectual battle with a factually armed opponent, are you? Should I be waiting for the govt. to show up and steal 1/2 my brain so they can give it to you to make this a fair fight?

      • Not only do you not have any proof to support your beliefs, you don’t even know what it means to prove something. Your beliefs are based purely on faith and emotion, which is why you feel the need to insult instead of positing a logical argument.

      • And you are a garden variety liberal, reflexive in response, reactionary in application, leftist talking points at the ready, have yet to present a single fact or refute a single argument.

        I don’t need a book, I know that God exists because I believe in something greater than myself, that there is universal truth. The day that you create life in a lab, I’ll consider your argument – until then, I’ll believe that there is something greater that is responsible for life and the way we live it.

        We actually do have evidence of conservative policies working because they are the ones that built the country. There were no “progressives” for a hundred years until Wilson and FDR.

        But we will pray for you.

      • Ah, really? You have the nerve to accuse me of not presenting an argument? LOL, dude, you haven’t presented an argument yet. All you have done is “begged the question.” That’s a fallacy, son: faulty reasoning.

        As for the claim that I have NOT provided an argument: I am reminded of that catchy little line. “I do not think the word means what you think it means.” My last 2 posts AR arguments. They may be in an abbreviated form, but those with knowledge of the issue and the material I cited will not only be aware of the points I made, they should also understand the validity of my argument.

        No, you have been batting 0 since you posted in this thread. You failed to respond to my initial challenges (an admission of defeat). You are still not refuting me here by making fallacious objections. And you have been practicing ad hominem, yourself, since your first post.

        BTW: it is NOT ad hominem on my part to just insult you out of hand. Ad hominem requires an attack in effort to win a point. I didn’t do that. I presented and argument and then insulted you gratuitously (that means for fun, son). So, please learn what an argument is. Make one to support your faith. And then come see me – not until. I feel bad about how easy this has been to embarrass you (even if I have to feel embarrassed for you because you’re too ignorant to understand what a fool you’ve made of yourself).

        (sorry, M. Delete this if you’d like, but I’m not in the mood for these drones today).

      • Last note: “Not only do you not have any proof ”

        M, this guy doesn’t even understand that the objection of the un-moved mover IS a proof. It is a logical proof, so he may not understand it. But it IS a proof. Aristotle presented this challenge and, to date, it has NEVER been answered. That our troll here doesn’t even seem to be aware of it or understand its implications not only indicates his ignorance exceeds his awareness, it shows that he has a closed mind – a fatal flaw in the “scientific method.”

        So, to me, he’s cut his own “credibility throat” on both ends.

      • I know that God exists because I believe in something greater than myself, that there is universal truth.

        You could use the same rationale for the belief in Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. There is no proof that god exists, but if there is a god, he is one big asshole for some of the things he puts people through. Why did he kill all those people in Japan with the tsunami a few months ago? Why does he kill so many people by inflicting them with cancer and other agonizing diseases? Why did he give (most) people the ability to think rationally if he just wanted us to accept things on faith alone? Why do we have sinuses when they serve no useful purpose?

      • Childish objection. How old are you?

        By definition, you – God’s CREATION – have NO ABILITY to understand the matters of God. For you to assume that the things you list are relevant to the affairs of God is to assume you ARE God (or capable of becoming God). That is Lucifer’s folly and the answer to your questions: GOD did NOT do these things, YOU did – you and attitudes like yours. When Lucifer rebelled, HE created evil – not God.

        Really, dude, start playing baseball or take your softball and go home already.

      • It is called faith and free will.

        How does my belief in God invalidate any principle that I uphold? How does my belief in God or Jesus render any stand that I have on economic policy invalid? I don’t advocate prayer as an economic plan no more than I would waiting for God to deliver manna from Heaven for my daily sustenance. I do ask for God to grant me wisdom to understand and accomplish both…

        Your distaste of religion and faith and subsequent denigration of people who believe in God has no relevance to a political debate. My positions are informed by my beliefs, not made by them. If your premise is that because I cannot physically prove the existence of God to your satisfaction renders all my arguments moot, it doesn’t. It no more renders my positions untenable than your incomplete understanding of quarks or string theory allows me to summarily dismiss yours.

        The fact that you are wrong is what allows me to do that.

      • How does my belief in God or Jesus render any stand that I have on economic policy invalid?

        Your belief in political matters is based on faith. And example would be your worshiping of Reagan, when the facts show he was a horrible president. He tripled the federal debt, armed both Iran and Iraq, and armed the Mujaheddin that would become Al Qaeda and attack the U.S. on 9/11. We had 10.8% unemployment under Reagan until the tech boom of the ’80s brought us some relief. His deregulation led to the S&L scandal and bailout of the banks. He also raised taxes on the middle class while cutting taxes on the wealthy.

        Face it… Republican policies have destroyed our country. Bush allowed us to be attacked on 9/11. He got us into two unwinnable wars at a cost of trillions of dollars. He doubled the national debt with his tax cuts. Republican deregulation resulted in the near total collapse of our economy.

        Obama’s biggest problem is that he’s too conservative. He extended the Bush tax cuts and created more tax cuts with the Stimulus. There has been no real regulation of the banks that destroyed our economy. Most of your criticism of Obama is based on lies. The fact is, he’s a moderate conservative.

      • Talk about STUCK ON STUPID. OK, by the numbers here:

        “He tripled the federal debt, ”

        Actually, he tried to fight the debt. You forget that the HOUSE spends, so the Party in charge of Congress has more responsibility for the debt than the president.

        “armed both Iran and Iraq”

        Yes, he armed Iraq, and though his intentions may have been good (to check Iran’s encroachment into Saudi Arabia), Iran had been armed by the U.S. BEFORE Reagan came along.

        “and armed the Mujaheddin that would become Al Qaeda and attack the U.S. on 9/11.”

        True again, but then, OBL said this was because the U.S. turned on them. Who would that be under? It wasn’t Reagan, it was the PROGRESSIVE, Bush Sr.

        “We had 10.8% unemployment under Reagan until the tech boom of the ’80s brought us some relief.”

        A – that unemployment rate was CARTER’s

        B – who do you think helped to create the atmosphere that led to that tech boom, Einstein?

        “His deregulation led to the S&L scandal and bailout of the banks.”

        Wrong again. This actually goes back to CARTER. The govt. caused this by forcing banks to give loans under threat of govt. intervention in their business. Dodd/Frank should come to mind – IF you only had a brain (I hear a tune in there somewhere).

        “He also raised taxes on the middle class while cutting taxes on the wealthy.”

        Nope, he lowered taxes for EVERYONE! Check out the marginal rates, Wiley-E

        “Bush allowed us to be attacked on 9/11.”

        In truth, this is most likely the result of CLINTON making it illegal for our intelligence community to talk to each other. Another strike for you.

        “He doubled the national debt with his tax cuts.”

        Tax cuts do NOT cause debt, spending does. The last 2 yrs of Bush W’s debt go to the Dems in the House, you civics-illiterate 5th grader.

        “Republican deregulation resulted in the near total collapse of our economy.”

        Nope, that would be the mess with Fannie and Freddy that did that.

        btw: I find it funny that you lefties always point to de-regulation, yet we have more regulation now than the Soviet Union EVER had and we are STILL failing. Do you understand what a logical disconnect is? Look it up, you have created one in that Star Wars screen stage between your ears.

        “Obama’s biggest problem is that he’s too conservative.”

        Given that Obama said he wants to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE THE U.S. and YOU are saying this is “too conservative,” I suppose we can assume you are as far right as the spectrum can get (which actually explains a lot).

        Now dust the Cheetos off your belly and go ask mommy to make you a pb&j

  3. The wise man knows he is a fool. Dig that quote. Don’t remember who said it.
    Number 4 on your list is my favorite; they are so out of touch.

  4. Well done!

    I am really afraid right now that we are going to be roped into voting for Romney for pres. He may be Republican, but he’s not a Conservative. Its almost like the “people” don’t really get to choose. Lame stream media is choosing for us. I really don’t want Romney at all, but he has the money behind him.

    • *knocks head against wall*

      “TRAGEDY AND HOPE,” by Carroll Quigley. He was an insider. This book explains that there is ONE PARTY – they just design it to look like 2 Parties so we have the illusion we have the ability to “vote the bums out.”

      You are being manipulated by the Progressive/Fabian Socialist/Communist cabal that runs the majority of the world. This is NOT a conspiracy, they have written BOOKS (plural) about what they want, why and how they intend to do it. I just named one of the most important in the list.

      WAKE UP 🙂

      • What do we do, then B? You and I have discussed the idea of a third party and I have commented on why I don’t think it works at a national level until it works at a state level…I know you like Ron Paul but he will never be elected at a national level.

        I agree with you when it comes to the “establishment” parties. They are as much a part of the government “machine” as the senior bureaucrats that never leave.

        Are we at the point of armed insurrection, a second revolution?

        I personally don’t think that the politicians are as much a problem as the non-elected bureaucrats that interpret the laws and design extra-legal regulations to enforce them.

        What do we do?

      • I have been thinking about that – a LOT! First, we have to start standing up to those who seek the destruction of this nation. Everywhere we encounter it, we need to forcefully BUT CALMLY AND PEACEFULLY refute the LIES that are being pushed on us. HOWEVER – and this is VITAL – we MUST be absolutely positive that we are correct in what we say and consistent in how we live our personal lives.

        Second, we need to search inwardly and start searching for our souls. If we have no faith in a Creator, I’m sorry, but you have nothing to hide behind in defense of your rights – and you cannot support the Declaration or Constitution. In spite of popular belief these days, this nation may not be “Christian” per se, but it absolutely was founded upon the acceptance that there IS a Creator, He grants our rights and He is NOT neutral in the affairs of man. If we cannot at least accept and embrace FRANKLIN’s view of religion, we should give up and start choosing sides in the new world order as the only other option left is “might makes right.”

        After we decide, we need to teach our children – even if that means cutting back so one parent can home school. OUR SCHOOLS ARE OUR ENEMY! (note: I did NOT say teachers, I said the school SYSTEM and the curriculum set at the national level).

        Finally, the States need to go Galt and REVOLT – but within the system. This WILL require a 3rd Party, and I think the ONLY way to form it IS national. Everything we do these days is viewed in terms of the nation because we have forgotten we are SUPPOSED to be a federation. We don’t even know what that is anymore. So, if all these talking heads out there who claim to be conservative REALLY believe the words coming out of their mouths, and they believe America IS primarily “conservative,” they need to step up and lead the 3rd Party movement. that they don’t and won’t troubles me to no end as inconsistency is a clear indicator of ignorance or deception. I’ll leave it to you to decide which applies to whom.

        Does this help any?

      • Yes, and that is the fatal flaw in her philosophy. Without pinning your moral foundation to a Creator, everything is just “might-makes-right.” In this sense, Rand was an idiot – but had she pinned her philosophy to the Creator as our founders did, she would be one of history’s most brilliant and powerful philosophers. As it is, she is still infinitely more coherent than any of the fools on your side.

  5. You know, Intangible, if people would just read up. I think a lot of folks don’t even watch the debates. I think we all need to be the bullhorn with friends, family, &c. Mark America’s article kind of scared me a bit……

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