Grifters Gone Wild!

I’m sure that it is just a mistake because I can’t explain it. I’m actually in awe of the scale of the whole thing.

Conservatives opposed Obama because he was a “progressive”. “Progressives” supported him for exactly the same reason. We thought he was bad for the country, “Progs” thought he was good.

We were right for all the wrong reasons.

This guy sucked in cash from Wall Street and then bitch slapped them to side with the #OWS crowd – kicked ’em to the curb. He sold the Libs a bill of goods about a socialist Utopia and then used borrowed money to play venture socialist with his crony buddies and campaign contributors…actually this is his way of getting around the funding issue, he doles out government loans to his buddies and they give him a little slice of vig on the side. He used Bush as an excuse to spend your grandchildren into a guaranteed lower standard of living than you – while you smiled and waved your official Shepard Fairey “Hope and Change” sign. You chanted his name – O-Ba- Ma! – O-Ba- Ma! – O-Ba- Ma! -while he ordered more drone strikes in a sovereign country than Bush ever did, reauthorized the Patriot Act you hated just three years ago, started a little “kinetic military action” in Libya without Congressional approval and ordered the killing of a US citizen 8 months after trying to bring KSM to New York for trial because “that’s what American justice is about.” Apparently it isn’t really. Mostly with Obama, nothing is what it seems.

Conservatives didn’t get taken because we always knew he was a charlatan but the Libs…hooooo, boy! As my Mississippi cousin used to say, you guys got screwed blue and tattooed! This guy is the greatest con man in the history of con men and you “progs” sucked it in like a bottom feeding mud cat in the Tallahatchie River – hook , line, sinker and stink bait with emphasis on the stink.

Current Status of “Progressives”

Here we go with another half a billion of our tax dollars…

Solyndra, First Solar and now this:

I have no problem with a group of entrepreneurs raising money from private investors to build a hundred thousand dollar toy for rich folks who want to flaunt their eco-consciousness. When and if that’s the case, may they have all the mazel in the world. But damn, it steams me up when my family and every family in America are forced to pay for it.

Al Gore is on the list of customers waiting to receive their Fisker Karmas, having put in his order before the DOE signed off on the company’s half-billion dollar loan. Oh, and by the way, it just so happens that several major investors in the company are also major donors to the Democratic Party. And here’s information on John Doerr, an advisor to President Obama who is also a major investor in Fisker Automotive. Can you say, “crony capitalism?”

Update: The analysts at Green Car Reports, “the ultimate guide to cleaner, greener driving,” worry that the Fisker Karma may discredit the entire Department of Energy loan program. Given that, in a comparison of EPA mileage ratings between the two “American made” (scare quotes present due to the Karma being manufactured in Finland, with its electric motors and batteries being sourced from China) plug-in hybrids now on the market, the Chevrolet Volt and the Fisker Karma, the Volt is “rated at 94 MPGe in electric mode, and 37 mpg on gasoline, with an electric range of 35 miles,” whereas the Karma is rated at “54 MPGe in electric mode; 20 mpg in range-extended mode,” with an electric range of just 32 miles, they may well be right to worry. Oh, and Fisker conveniently left out that little detail about “20 mpg in range-extended mode” in their press releases sent out in the last few days. Details are for the little people, don’t you know…

Partial title of the post: Solyndra on Wheels…

Wonder how it feels to be demonstratin’ all day, living in filth, sleeping on the ground in the cold, crapping in a bucket and getting patted on the head by the glitterati while subsidizin’ $100K eco-hoopties for Leonardo and Al “ManBearPig” Gore?

Message to the #OWS crowd – Protest that, bitches. They own your sorry, unwashed asses. You are just pathetic little pawns. Expendable after a good headline. Hypovehiculated ( thrown under the Obama campaign bus). Over. Done.

Pardon the snark but I’m having a difficult time holding it in. Your “messiah” was just a garden variety Chicago pol all the time. Who could have known?

Conservatives did.

So “progressives” are either fools or hypocrites if they continue to support Obama. There’s no middle ground.

I once thought Bush’s last term and McCain’s subsequent presidential candidacy might just have anointed the Republicans as the permanent minority party but I didn’t count on this. Obama will still be the darling of the Manhattan/Upper East Side/SoCal/Colorado Rockies “progressives” but he has shot his wad with the moderate “white guilters” and the hard core Marxists of the Left.

November 2012 can’t get here fast enough.

And about that Algore guy:

5 thoughts on “Grifters Gone Wild!

  1. Love the elevated snark level! This is both unbelievable, and sadly predictable. I wonder how many of those useful idiots from OWS knows about this?

    Nah, they don’t like to know things.

    An unexpected side effect of reading this blog is my desire to go fishing. Haven’t gone fishing in a while.

  2. The Tallahatchie runs through my hometown in northern Mississippi. Before I became an International Man of Mystery and a leader in Big Evil Oil Corp, Inc. I fished that river for channel and mud cats as a boy.

    Somehow, I just can’t find fried catfish, hushpuppies and coleslaw in Edinburgh…

      • Oh, I know. But I am having a hard time with humor these days. I keep feeling a growing black cloud looming over our collective shoulders and its name if global tyranny. Hard to smile with that image in my head: reminds me entirely too much of the night before the ground war kicked off for Desert Storm. Have to describe that one to you one day” crayola crayon black sky with a blood red sun.

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