It is official – the most pitiful #Occupy[yournamehere] protest in the country…

…is in my adopted home town, a town that is quite possibly the most beautiful city in the United States – Park City, Utah.

The total population of the #OccupyParkCity movement?


From the local paper, The Park Record:

An Oakley man on Monday launched an Occupy Park City movement, setting up in City Park with an anti-corporate message and indicating that he does not intend to commit acts of civil disobedience but he has not ruled them out.

His presence is the first known public appearance of the Occupy Wall Street movement in Park City. He did not garner widespread publicity on Monday.

Tyler Galovich, a 28-year-old house painter who has lived in Summit County for 15 years, said he intends to set up camp for an indefinite period of time. He said he works during the daytime hours on weekdays, but he plans to be at City Park at all other times.

“The whole point of this movement is to occupy everywhere,” Galovich said on Tuesday.

Oakley is a small village about 15 minutes away. Mr. Galovich expects reinforcements soon:

He said he expects others, perhaps “quite a few,” will join him. He spent several weeks as part of the Occupy Salt Lake movement in Pioneer Park before he set up in Park City.

Galovich will have two tents. He will sleep in a three-person tent and use a 10-person tent for organizing purposes. He wants the presence to spur community discussions about politics.

Community discussion on politics – more likely discussions of frostbite treatment.

Tyler must be a recent transplant to northern Utah because the snow starts there around Halloween (my kids always trick-or-treated in snow boots) and keeps on going until the next March. Park City is a ski town and hosts three world class ski resorts – Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort and the Canyons. My house was in Park City proper and was still 6800 feet above sea level…

Park City demographics:

Population: 7,558

Median Age: 37.4

Persons Per Household: 2.6

Persons Per Family: 3.03

Median Household Income (2011): $99,000

Percent of persons 25 years old and over with:

High School Diploma or Higher 88.7%

Bachelor Degree or Higher 59.2%

Park City is full of bankers…and lawyers…and inherited money. The Huntsman family has a compound there and it is littered with the ski palaces of the Hollywood elite. The median home price is $638,000

And even with that, it is one of the friendliest places that I have ever lived…

Not really prime #OWS territory, good for hippiesicles but not so good for protests…

10 thoughts on “It is official – the most pitiful #Occupy[yournamehere] protest in the country…

  1. That story is almost sweet. Give the guy credit, for going into the proverbial lion’s den of capitalist iniquity, although I suspect that these capitalists will pelt him with cookies and cold drinks, maybe ask him to take a look at their screen door…..

  2. I’m more depressed about you than Tyler. How could you possibly be so enamored with a state that gets so cold and is full of a bunch of O.T.-leaning marriages? How can your heart not belong in the south?

    • Park City is where all the sinners live. You would love the Egyptian Theater…

      I’m a ski bum, a back country backpack, shovel and avalanche beacon kind of guy.

      I’m exactly like James Bond, only older, fatter, uglier and did I mention uglier?

  3. You’re handsome and you’re not fat. Period. (I will not tolerate you sliding into any form of self-deprecation….unacceptable!) Sorry. Mama Rose came out……

    I’ve never snow-skied before….it’s intimidating to me… much as I’d love to be a cool international super spy like you, I’m kinda a big chicken in the snow:(

    Maybe we could trade out lessons:You teach me to ski and I teach you to sing!

    Why would I dig the Egyptian Theatre? ….must be lots of nudity ….

  4. Nice lineup. I’d love to see The Book of Mormon. I think the fellas from South Park wrote it and it won a Tony award? I can’t remember for sure …..probably wouldn’t go down too well here even when it is available……the royalties will probably be astronomical…..sorry, thinkin out loud…

    Teaching me to ski…. I’m laughing my head off, because I don’t think you realize that I am, in fact, a HUGE klutz! You would probably have as much success as my math teachers.
    And please! Everybody can sing! I think I shall put Greg to the task on the 18th…(insert evil laugh) 🙂

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