This day in history…11/4/1979

In 1979, an Islamic revolutionary government overthrew Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlevi of Iran. When the exiled shah was admitted to the US for medical treatment, a crowd of about 500 seized the US embassy in Tehran, demanding the shah’s extradition. US President Jimmy Carter halted Iranian oil imports and froze Iranian assets, but his diplomatic initiatives proved fruitless, and a US rescue mission failed. Fifty-two hostages were held for 444 days until the end of the crisis in 1981.

9 thoughts on “This day in history…11/4/1979

  1. This is one of my favorite sections in the local paper.

    Interesting that people compare Carter to Obama, yet Obama has been very affective in military missions…..must have to do with Chicago (Godfather) politics….

    UP: Godfather; we’ve located the target.
    Godfather: Tonight, Osama will sleep with the fishes…..What about Libya?
    GC: Taken care of.
    Godfather: That’s the beauty part of not involving the “family”. Okay, you can quit kissin my hand the twos of you. Now, go get a pie for Michelle and the girls…..double pepperoni!!

    Dang! Where is Greg when you need a funny script?

  2. You’re doin’ pretty good wit’out me, dollface.
    Hey, I’m not so great, I just type, ya know? I type whut I heah people sayin’, and If I ain’t happy widdit, I rub out the words I don’t like, an’ keep the ones I do, get me? Like dese:

    [Obama(Barry-o) stands at the window of the Oval Office, hands clasped behind his back, he is aware that Biden (Joe Bites), his consigliere, has entered the room, carrying a box, but makes no move to acknowledge him.
    Biden coughs]

    B: Yes, Gio?

    J: Mitch and the Beans have replied to your offer of a sit-down, everything on the table but their salaries and frequent-flier miles.

    B:And? [Barry-o looks at the box, then at Joe, who removes the lid].

    B: Pastafazuli! They’re monsters! Is there no longer a code, then?

    J, Boss, this is going too far, I agree. I’ve done some stuff, Mama forgive me, but I’ve never seen a budget cut, torn to pieces, like, like, this!

    B It is time to go to the mattress. I have let myself appear weak. They got Van Jones, I said take the hit, maybe they will be satisfied. They took out ACORN, I closed a few banks run by their people, but that’s all. Beans, that birdie-fearing duffer-wannabe, won’t even give me a mulligan!

    J I’ll make the call. We gonna come at ’em heavy, right?

    B Recess appointments up the bum, 20 new national parks, some in inner cities, fast-track immigration, let a muzzein open the House’ next session, and I’m proclaiming tomorrow Liberal Day, all schools, banks, and government offices will be closed.

    B It’s done!

  3. Thank you, I’m crying…. (always better than wetting myself) 🙂

    Greg, by the by, are you familiar with Man of La Mancha? I’m sure you’ve read Don Quixote.
    Just thinking….. wanna come play in a play?……

  4. I can be ‘man in crowd’, anything else would give me stage fright. But if you need someone to come in and do some re-writes of Albee’s, Miller’s, and Tennessee Williams’ stuff, punch it up, cut the slow parts, or a gofer, give me a call!

    Quixote’ is one of the un-checkmarked boxes on my literary bucket list. But I saw the cartoon with Mr. Magoo in the title role.

  5. Come to Kaleidoscope Theatre on Nov. 18th. We have to do this retarded “pre-audition.”
    Stupid! I don’t have the effin script and it doesn’t go up until May! Doing a show currently, so this is a pain. Still, if you’re willing, I’d like your opinion. Just don’t tell your wife about my A.D.; she looks like Claudia Schiffer and has two black belts 🙂 Daphne makes Kelly Purr….

    Seriously, though, you’ve got a great ear. I don’t know about your eye but I’d like to……

  6. Are you the same as your picture? I say that because I’m not nearly as handsome as Christopher Reeve or as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe. (my gravatars)
    The one thing I have in common with them is the glasses. So, if you see a dork who believes she’s cool whilst she sports her glasses from high school; you’ll know it’s me!

  7. My glasses in high school were taped together, because somebody threw a basketball and hit the nerd on the side of the head. I LIKED dodgeball, because it was the only time I received any attention. Dodgeball empowered nerds, don’t listen to the pointy-heads.

  8. Now I remember why I hated dodgeball. Didn’t Caz just talk about this sport in the paper? I think it was something to do with these cops wearing shirts (while playing dodgeball) having initials of — I can’t remember — Dang! Who’s your Daddy? I know that’s not it, but the initials caused a lot of flak…
    Oh, and you lie like the Devil! I know you had to have received attention in high school! You’re brilliant! Meanwhile, back at the ranch…….

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