Alabama or LSU?

I’m a Mississippi State University graduate but I grew up 30 minutes from the Ole Miss campus – so I am a lifelong Rebel fan.Which is a way of saying that I understand perpetual disappointment and underachieving. I also have a degree from the Ole Miss of the West, the Runnin’ Utes of the University of Utah (at lease Utah has tasted recent glory – the PAC-12 move isn’t working out all that great but oh, well).

I went to State because at the time, they were second only to Georgia Tech as the best engineering school in the Southeast.

My wife’s cousin is the offensive line coach at Georgia…

Needless to say, I think that the SEC is the greatest conference in the country

I’ll be up at midnight tonight (Edinburgh time) because ESPN America is covering Bama/LSU live.

Sounds like a good excuse for a TRNL poll:

Feel free to post your predictions in the comments…

6 thoughts on “Alabama or LSU?

  1. I’m thinking Crimson Tide 17-14 over LSU. Trent Richardson runs for 88 yards and a touchdown against the Tiger defense.

    We are really talking about the BCS Championship in the first week of November here – there are no other teams in the country that could keep up with either of these two teams…

  2. Congratulations to LSU…Two awesome defenses – Bama had their chances with 4 missed field goals and an interception at the goal line.

    Mike: I see that Clemson won their mighty contest with the University of Open Date. They need to junk their high school conference and come over to the SEC where real football is played.

  3. It was a great game, both teams played well, but the Tide wuz robbed, in my opinion.

    I thought that ‘interception’ by LSU wasn’t; the defensive player did not have possession of the ball before the receiver was on his back. Bad call, IMHO.

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