Rule 5 – This One is for Kells – Timothy Dalton

Being the raging heterosexual and serial admirer of the female form that I am, this one was difficult after posting the pics of Olga Kurylenko – I am many things and among them is that I am a man of my word.

My friend and loyal supporter of this site, Kellsbells, noted that I should be fair and post a little somehtin’ somethin’ for the ladies because Bond films actually have some decent looking gents who #Occupy[thesuitsofJamesBond].

As they say over here in the UK, Kells fancies her some Timothy Dalton.

Sorry, Kells. There is no nekkidness.

But I said that I would post.

Now I have…

Enjoy, Kells.

2 thoughts on “Rule 5 – This One is for Kells – Timothy Dalton

  1. I thank you. While my beloved Occupies Corpus Christie (as he puts it) I will amuse myself with the best looking James Bond.

    Next time I shall do the posting of pics, as you left out his Heathcliff shot, Lion in Winter shot, and my all time favorite, Prince Barin from Flash Gordon shot…. yes, this man could turn a lesbian straight…..

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