Another “Thank You”…

To all our readers:

Thanks to you the average weekly hits on The Rio Norte Line are up 82% compared to where we were just 6 weeks ago. We have almost doubled in traffic. We are still small but hopefully we can continue to grow over the next weeks and months.

We are headed toward 500,000 hits and climbing – with 4 months to go to our 1 year anniversary, we may not make 1,000,000 but have a good shot at 750K. Of course that is less than a Drudge or an Instapundit does in a month, but we aren’t that good – yet.

We appreciate your visits and taking the time to stop in. Please take the time to comment and stick around.

To all of our fellow bloggers out there, we are greatly appreciative of the linkage and the traffic that comes our way because of it.



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