Legal Insurrection…

…has us as the blog of the day.

Bill Jacobson is a the smartest, best looking and most loved law professor at all of Cornell and his blog is one of the finest out there. We are thankful to be noticed and featured at his site.

As he says, his linkage is like an Instalanche, only smaller.

Welcome to the LI visitors and please search around. We feature two classical liberals and one from the left, melfamy – myself and Black3Actual make up the right – I am a business guy and Black3 has a military background and formal training in logic and philosophy, melfamy is a good guy (even if he is wrong most of the time) and is a good satirist.

Poke around a bit and come back later – I am currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland and will be here until the end of 2012, so my posts are off-cycle with the states…but there is new content every day.

Regards to all and thanks again to Bill and the crew at Legal Insurrection.

Please visit our good friends at:

…as well.

Good hunting!


7 thoughts on “Legal Insurrection…

  1. I wish to add Iowahawk to Utah’s short list. Utah, thank you for your kind words, as I know you think that I am wrong All of the time. as for being a good satirist, I guess I am, thanks, but Iowahawk is my idol. I haven’t read anything as funny as his stuff in a long, long while.

    Are you still here?

  2. Dave Burge gets plenty of props – I wanted to spread the love to some other sites.

    You need to go to IowaHawk and search for his pieces on Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri – he did a series on a “Osama is Dilbert/Death by PowerPoint” theme that I could not read without laughing so hard it hurt!

    There’s one here.

  3. I didn’t hurt after reading it, Utah. In fact, I found it hard to read, at least until I regained control and the tears stopped.
    You are correct, sir (i.e., I’m wrong again!). Mr. Burge gets lots of kudos, but I say that he still does not get enough. Bless you for linking to him.

    • He was great on the Midwest floods and the scourge of the Lutheran terrorists, too.

      T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII is massively funny as well.

      Even the blurbs in the right sidebar about his blog are damn hilarious…

      He has been a daily staple for me for years…

  4. T. Coddington I thought was him for a minute. I just randomly picked his site from your list, and thought, boy, what a windbag”. By the time I read his bin Laden story, set to the Beatles song, I was hooked in the gills.
    When I grow up, I want to be a satire god, just like him.

  5. Congrats, Utah!

    BTW: Thanks for the nod, but I need to get off my butt before you do that again. I’ve been “in the rear with the gear” the past week or so. Need to get back on the line.

  6. Speaking of Lutheran terrorists, I’ve got a mean German potato salad that can do some serious damage…….need “author” priviledges role for kellsbellsfrompc,luv …..I activated my account…….and here I was getting very saucy with a jerkasaurus posing as you on PP…..No worries… gave him a nice brat with kraut…

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