Rule 5 – Leeann Tweeden

After Herman Cain’s disastrous interview performance yesterday, I was so down that I needed a little cheering up. Like manna from heaven, thanks to the rebroadcast of the Hannity show at 5 am here in Edinburgh, I was satiated. Leeann Tweeden was part of Hannity’s Great American Panel.

Bad day politically – time for a Rule 5 post!

Lovely Leeann is known for her beauty and charm. There is no doubt that anyone who knows the name knows about her photo spreads for FHM, Playboy, and others but there is more to Leeann than just being an extremely beautiful, sexy woman.

Her IMDB bio gives the basic stuff:

Born to parents of Spanish, Filipino, and Norwegian ancestry, Miss Tweeden grew up in Virginia as a self-proclaimed “tomboy”. After graduating from Osbourn Park Senior High in 1991, she pursued a career in modeling. Upon moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado, she worked briefly as a Hooters waitress before winning her modeling job, gaining first place in the Venus International Model Search in 1992. From there, she traveled the United States doing promotional appearances and hosted the 1993 Venus Model Search competition, which she returned to host in 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997. During this time, she relocated to Los Angeles, modeling for Fredericks of Hollywood, Hooters (appearing in their 1993 & 1994 calendars), Playboy magazine (as a cover girl), and Playboy’s Book of Lingerie, in the November/December 1994 issue. She also appeared in the video Edenquest: Pamela Anderson (1995) (V). In 1996, she landed a spot on the ESPN2 show “Fitness Beach” (1998), as well as a layout in the August 1996 issue of Playboy magazine. In 1997, she was chosen as the model for the lead character in a No Mercy comic book, titled “Coven 13”. She continued modeling for various magazines, including Playboy, and put out her first calendar in 1998, featuring the photographs of Mario Barberio.

But there is another side to Miss Tweeden that is very attractive (and it isn’t her left side – it is the right, she is a conservative). She is a true patriot and is a strong supporter of the US military. Her website notes that she has been on 16 USO tours around the world in support of our troops…14 of which have been to Iraq and Afghanistan and as previously mentioned, Leeann can also be seen as part of Sean Hannity’s Great American Panel.


6 thoughts on “Rule 5 – Leeann Tweeden

    • Sorry, B – it was a really bad day on the nominee front. I’m finding that the state of undress of the Rule 5’s is in direct proportion to my level of unhappiness with the political process.

      If Obama wins in 2012, there may be nude photos of me…I figure if I’m disgusted, everybody else should be…and that would do it!

      • Crap, I may have to vote for Romney if you’re going to threaten the world with that image. Maybe I should offer the same threat with my nude photos (don’t worry, I’ve finally figured out why I can’t support Ron Paul anymore).

        Crap, could we hold our noses and vote Newt???

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