Rule 5 ……from a female’s point of view

I’m very taken with women that have a great sense of humour. While I was searching for a Latin song, I came across this video. I dig this chick because I think she’s sexy and cheeky. In other words, she gets it. Ladies and Gents,  I present Miss Tori More singing Touch Me…..

Well, since this is such a serious political site, I figured I should post something with a little more substance.  And so, here is the preamble to the Constitution…

11 thoughts on “Rule 5 ……from a female’s point of view

  1. You are correct, this is one cheeky video!
    I did notice elements of ideological impurity in the the dance moves; I will have to review this post several times before passing final judgement

    • Maybe they just figure that Yachimovich is not a real trheat because she\’s going to struggle to get more than 12 seats. In contrast, Derei could steal a large number of votes from Shas and Likud and has left-wing views of foreign policy (he was Shas\’s representative in the talks with Peres that created the Dirty Trick).

  2. FL : C’mon. Man up and admit that we dig cross-dressing and playing paintball. I guess it’s because I’m a better shooter than you that your intimidation causes you to keep your pie-hole shut about this…..I’ll play nicely, nicely and let you win a round. But let’s face it: You know and I know who’s gonna come out on top.

  3. kells; it doesn’t really matter to me who comes out on top. I like it either way. Paintball? Not so much, but I will be you’re not a better shooter than me. Black lace! Oh yeah!

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