Rule 5 Friday – Pixie Lott

TRNL readers know of my weakness for Brit Pop music…

This isn’t helping my addiction. The folks in the US may not know much about her, but Pixie Lott has posted two #1’s on the Brit charts since her new CD dropped on November 7th. Her bio:

Victoria Louise “Pixie” Lott (born 12 January 1991) is an English singer-songwriter, dancer and actress. Her debut single “Mama Do” was released in June 2009 and went straight to number one in the UK Singles Chart. Her second single “Boys and Girls”, also topped the UK charts in September 2009. Her debut album Turn It Up was released in September 2009. It reached number six on the UK Albums Chart, spawned five consecutive Top 20 singles, and sold over a million copies. Her second album, Young Foolish Happy, is scheduled for release on 14 November 2011. “All About Tonight”, the first single from that album, entered the charts at number one on 17 September 2011, making it her third UK number one hit.

Lott is often credited for her live performances and style. In July 2010, Lott appeared as a guest judge for the auditions for the seventh series of The X Factor in Cardiff, covering for Dannii Minogue, who was on maternity leave.

Lott has released “Boys and Girls” as her debut US single on 24 August 2010. The release coincided with the TV premiere of her first film, Fred: The Movie. In January 2010, Lott was named one of 2010’s “Faces to Watch” by US magazine, Billboard. Lott’s album, Turn It Up, was planned to release in the US early 2011.

Lott has produced eight top 20 singles on the UK Singles Chart.

Her new album is called Young Foolish Happy. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Miss Pixie Lott (pictures are below the videos – keep scrolling):





8 thoughts on “Rule 5 Friday – Pixie Lott

    • I saw her in person this summer. Now that you mention it, she did look a little crazy – a wild, fun kind of crazy but crazy nonetheless…and smokin’ haaawt, too.

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