A Dickens Christmas

With pictures like this from last year (given to me by a friend), I regret that my wife and I will miss Christmas in Edinburgh this year. We are thankful that we will be back in the States with family but Scotland and the UK are beginning to take on a Dickens-like Christmas aura. Edinburgh is something special to behold as it transforms.

Like Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook, I like Diana Krall, but…it is hard to beat the classics:

Nat “King” Cole:

“The Christmas Song”:

“O Tannenbaum” (in German):

Dean Martin:

“Let it Snow”

Bing Crosby:

“White Christmas”

11 thoughts on “A Dickens Christmas

  1. I LOVE Nat’s voice. A couple of years ago, I got turned on to this a capella version of Silent Night by a group called Boys II Men. It’s beautiful! I would post it but I don’t know how….

      • Oh, brother! Like you don’t have your boyfriends who you are meeting up with at Tan Fannies? Be glad you keep Kells out of the mix because chicks (especially strippers) dig me… well, ever since I got my license…

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