Drop the Ball

So I was hunting for the lullaby from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that I used to sing to the boys when they were young and I came across a middle-school version of the song. I thought, wow, pretty sweet job, girls. Then, I started thinking about their talent and getting a little pissed off because the music, art and band programs are being dropped left and right in schools due to the budget, or mismanagement thereof.

 Oh, but not football! Yes, that fascinating (aka boring) sport that lasts FOREVER is in no danger of being dropped (go figure). Let’s face it: Britney Spears makes as much money as, um, well, whoever that really great football player star guy is. Okay, so I don’t watch sports! It’s just too painful…. Painfully BORING! Who likes to watch grown men go back and forth and back and forth, pat each other on the ass, and do a crazy chicken dance when they get the ball to the other side? You come to the opera with me, and I’ll go watch your silly game with you!

 For some inexplicable reason our education system decides who the winner is, and it ain’t the arts. Not fair! That’s just one of the problems with public education. HELLO! We aught to have a say in this. I mean, we’re paying for it, after all. (Even if we don’t have kids in school – cool, huh?) So before you go to your Pep Rally tonight; will you listen to a different aspect of education?

Check out these middle-school girls.

“I sailed across a dream in a boat of pure thought”

This line was shamelessly “borrowed” from one of my son’s paintings.

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