A Question I Have Been Asking Myself A Lot Lately…

I was just thinking this morning that my choice for a Republican nominee as of today is based on sort of a “none of the above” feeling. It is a real shame that this has become less of an affirmative “selection’ process and more of the negative process of “deselection” where we wait for each candidate to demonstrate how unqualified or flawed they are and drop from consideration.

The slogan in 2012 will be “ABO: Anybody But Obama”. I do still believe that any off the Republican field would be better than Obama but the real question is this: will we hand the election over to the Democrats because we are looking for “Mr. Right”?

Rush Limbaugh rightly tags the Democrats as being a conglomeration of a bunch of generally leftist, yet fractious ideologies, that coalesce into a solid voting block at election time to win. Republicans are showing that we are just as fractious in ideology but we seem to be self-destructing as we get closer to election day. Where Democrats see a win by a generally left candidate as acceptable, there are factions on the right side of the aisle that think a win by a generally right leaning candidate is a defeat, one not to be tolerated.

Here’s what that view will guarantee…another term for Obama.

Redstate has this:

All of the candidates suck. Pick one.

So…..do they suck WORSE than Obama?

All of the candidates are politicians. ALL of them think that government has answers….YES, even Ron Paul. THAT’S WHY THEY ARE IN POLITICS.

Let’s see….

Romney is a front runner because he’s electable…except when he’s not. He’s conservative…except when he’s not. He’s a businessman…except when he’s not. He’s been running for office since the Last election. Desire for public office like this raises the hackles of many Americans. He’s a liberal Republican. Either we vote for him or Obama is elected and runs the nation into the ground like a meteor hitting the earth.

Gingrich is a front runner because he’s fighting back. He’s not electable…except he seems to have A LOT of support in many states. Is he a conservative? Depends on how you define conservative and to whom you compare it to……like the 1994 Democrats. Does he think government has the answers? Yep. If elected…he will use government power to enact “conservative” ideas, by HIS definition. This isn’t a secret and was, until recently, a point of attraction to many Republicans. Is he an insider? Yep. Is he a former philanderer? Yep. All of his scandals are common knowledge. Is that a point in favor or against his nomination? No one knows. Either we vote for him or Obama is elected and runs the nation into the ground like a meteor hitting the earth.

Via Redstate. Read it all.

I’m going to support and vote for any Republican candidate in 2012.

13 thoughts on “A Question I Have Been Asking Myself A Lot Lately…

  1. Utah,

    Be VERY careful with Limbaugh – PLEASE! He spent the 12:30-1:00 hour (EST) pretty much explaining the problems with Party politics – AS HE DEFENDED THEM! At the same time he was decrying the TEA Party’s need to “get in the game,” this supposedly and self-appointed genius of all things political misses the truth strength of the TEA Party: IT ISN’T A PARTY!!!

    I get all this stuff about needing access to have influence, but Rush (among others) seems to have missed the point (even as he explained it in great detail). If you MUST bow to Party leaders to gain that access, then you will NEVER be able to be anything BUT what the Party tells you to be. Then Rush defends Quigley’s thesis by telling the audience that the Republican Party denies there is a leadership, but Rush INSISTS there is – and that it is NOT “conservative.” Ah, there you go, Utah: one party acting as two: the struggle is still the same as it was between Teddy R and Wilson (ergo, Quigley).

    HOWEVER, the TEA Party actually provides us with a shinning example of how to resolve this issue: TAKE IT STRAIGHT TO THE PEOPLE! The TEA Party IS the People, and it cuts across all “Party” lines. By not having anyone BUT the People to answer to, TEA Party reps can vote their conscience. Now, if Rush were the politically astute person he claims, and he believed all the garbage he spouts about not listening to nay-sayers and just making things happen, he would push people in that direction. This would starve BOTH Parties and align this nation closer to its original intent. but NO-O! That would be too much like a third Party move, which Rush claims would elect Obama again.

    Maybe so, but the REAL revelation here is this: Rush admits – through his own words and actions – that what he REALLY cares about is power for power’s sake. That, my friends, is the very definition of a Statist (in this nation, we call them Progressives).

    • FC,

      I keep trying to get people to believe that I understand that sentiment, but no one will answer my objection to it:

      How does ABO solve anything if you get someone from the flip side of the same coin?

      I keep making this analogy, and people keep avoiding it:

      If your choices are Lucifer or Satan, what does it matter who you chose? One will put you on the express elevator, the other may take the stairs with you, but you are STILL heading to the same place.

      Unless we stop this madness and head in a 3rd direction, we’re not going to save this nation, we’re just going to appease or desire to “beat” the other Party. That’s a great goal in football, a DISASTROUS goal in politics.

      • And conversely, we (I, if you will) keep telling you that we understand your position, completely and entirely, but a vote for Paul or someone who is unelectable is basically a write-in, i.e. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, RuPaul, etc. and Obama will be elected again.
        If I had my “druthers”, I druther vote everyone of the fools out and start over with people like Paul, Perot, or others who’s ideals and principles are much more in line with the founding fathers. Our country has strayed far, far away from these ideals. Unfortunately, that’s not gonna happen and I believe that if Obama is elected again, we will surely face unprecedented bastardization of rights, laws, and a futher depreciation of the principle of this country.
        Sorry black, but ABO is it for me.

  2. When you are faced with only two alternatives, choosing not to choose is the same as choosing the status quo. The thing that I don’t get is that you seem to look at everything as a singular event, that everything is always do or die and if we don’t vote for someone like Ron Paul, we are condemned to eternal damnation.

    The government is more than one person, it is a president, 9 appointed justices and 535 elected representatives plus 50 state governors and legislatures.

    Gonna take more than one election and one candidate but until that change can take root, it will be a game of inches.

    Given a choice of going to Hell tomorrow and going 4 years from now at least gives me a chance to do something to prevent that trip 4 years out.

    Politics is more like baseball than football – you have to recruit them in high school or college, get them ion the farm system and let them work from “A” ball to Triple A before they make it to the Show. That is what it is going to take. It may be generations before real change is effected…

    • I get that, too, Utah. I also look at history and see that the “conservative” movement has been trying to “take over from within” since – what? – Goldwater. Where’s it gotten us? Now, a “conservative” Republican looks a hell of a lot like JFK. I see the trend, and I’m honest enough with myself to know the outcome.

  3. In recent weeks, I have begun to feel that the choices on there for a reason. Obviously the lame stream media have made their pic in Romney, hence very little attack. The ones that had some vision have been attacked so venomously that you have to wonder, if those aren’t the BEST in the field. It is like watching a really bad movie, with a very bad ending.

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