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Due to my skillfully ingenious plan, I have managed to nimbly pluck out these boys; one by one. Yes, soon and very soon this shall be Kellsbells’ very own blog! (I wish I had a sound effect for my evil laugh, but I don’t. Also, I would probably break something if I tried to insert it here…….so, um, just use your imagination….)

Now that I’ve got the site all to myself, I say, politics, shmolitics! I thought we should all talk about the things that are truly important: Like, um, Christmas!!

I don’t know if I’m a sucker or if I’m a sucker, but everybody comes here on Christmas night (uh, that would be our house) all 23 of them……again! Actually, it could be 24 this year! Kills me cause the sisters have kick-ass big houses. Then again, we do have all these kids-are-in-dreamland things to do around here; so I guess that ingratiated us to be the the hosts.

I figure I’ll only try two new dishes out on my sweet little guinea pigs this year (yes, I appreciate my family more than you know) For Thanksgiving I attempted a crown roast. That was too well done for my taste, but at least I learned something new! This year I’ll stick with the tried and true: The very fabulous prime rib.

You know, I don’t know what other families do for their get-togethers, but over here we mete out the dishes. The twins typically get the very easy ones for some strange reason. I mean they’re both great cooks! But, it’s happened aplenty: You’re expecting that fabulous couscous salad, only to be brought a bagged salad and the reply, “Here you go; enjoy!” That’s when you pop your forehead cause you know you should’ve signed her up for the paper plates/cups to bring.

Hmmmm…..One fine day, I would like for G. and I to get together and cook……..(Oh, no worries, joiwind; I’m a big flirt but I’m all bark and no bite….or whatever that saying is…..Oh, Hell! I’m wasting my breath. Let’s just tell it like it is: I’m a Lutheran! Nuff said)

So…. I was going to sing this Negro spiritual tomorrow night at church and my sister calls me and tells me I don’t sound like a black girl. She says, “Kelly, I’m not trying to hurt your feelings, but I’m your sister.(I guess that sister part is supposed to automatically erase any hurt feelings) You just don’t have that soul sista sound. But look on the bright side; Kathleen Battle, Jesseye Norman, and Leontyne Price don’t sound like black girls and they are. You’ve gotta go with what you are.” That kinda depressed me because I really thought I had my Aretha Franklin going on. Guess it’ll be a classical number for Christmas Eve…..

Hey, I hope everyone is done with their shopping. I am…….not. I’ve got one day. But, you’d be amazed at what a woman can accomplish in one day…..not to be a braggadocio, but, seriously, you would be stunned at what we can accomplish in one hour! (Well, when we set our minds to it, i.e.)

Please know that although I joke about my family relentlessly, I love them desperately. But c’mon! They are great material! Just ask my pastor. Or the neighbors…or the mailman….or , well..nevermind.

I thought I would leave you with a song. Years ago, at church, we always closed the service with this number. I brought the music to my high school choir director and we ended up doing the song at state (we kicked a$$ and scored ones…….wish I had a recording of that) Anyhow, I found another high school group performing this on youtube. I think you will enjoy it.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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