Coming in 2012

The Eighth Point

A Novel of Feudal America


B.Thomas Goodwin


In 2012, the world came to an end…not in the sense of the mythical Mayan prophecy, but as Western Civilization had known it for over 500 years.

There was no apocalypse, no ecological disaster, no global pandemic, no nuclear winter. In fact, the end was not preceded by mass starvation, panic or pestilence. There was no war, no great depression. The world of our forefathers did not end with a big bang, it ended with a whimper, a quiet demise, perhaps one more disturbing in its simplicity than had there been a battle of Biblical proportions. There was no stopping it because there was nothing that could be fought or defeated, a catalyst was added to a chain of seemingly unrelated events and inertia overcame the status quo.

On December 21, 2012 the mechanical engine of modern life simply exhaled one last long and beleaguered breath and then coasted to a halt.

The electricity did remain on in the larger cities for almost thirty days, rural hydro-electrification much longer. For a time, the average citizenry refused to believe that things were really different. Comfortable in their excess and ease, many still went to work, going about their appointed tasks, following their established routines, all displaying existences that had become mostly Pavlovian in execution… but when the grocery store shelves emptied and the machines stopped, people understood -the changes were real and permanent. The global merry-go-round that so many depended on simply stopped turning.

Military order held for about three months but cities soon emptied and with FEMA emergency food reserves dwindling, there were no more favours to hand out and the governments that were based on nothing but largess and patronage soon collapsed.

And then the lights went out.

Thus began the Second Dark Age.

More to come in the following months…

9 thoughts on “Coming in 2012

  1. Does ANYONE have ANY idea how many people would die in the first 3 months under this scenario? And does ANYONE have ANY idea just how REAL this scenario may soon become (for many more reasons than mentioned in this post)?

  2. M., this guy sounds like Glenn Beck. Sorry, but I believe the more fiscally conservative people we can vote in, not only here but globally, the markets will soon start correcting themselves. Still… does look like a good read. Speaking of reading, I just ordered Vikram’s play, the Alchemist.

    • Kells,

      It is NOT enough to be fiscally conservative. There are fiscally conservative socialists, but electing them will not correct the markets. The trouble with the markets is the same trouble we have with society in general: they are no longer free. We have violated the natural order of things and, unless/until we set that order straight again, things will only get wrose.

  3. While you’re at it, M., can you please point out that Europe IS socialist and thus the scrambling about to bail out PIIGS and redeem the Euro? Also, could you point out that this same fiscally irresponsible behavior with our own socialist programs in the U.S., as well as the Fed Printing and Congress bailing out dollars, is the mirror of Europe? I reiterate: A fiscally conservative socialist is an oxymoron.

  4. This is from a new book. There wil be selected chapters that will be published over the next few months. It isn’t conservative or liberal but explores a possible event that hasn’t been talked about but could happen pretty easily, rendering the Middle East politically irrelevant from and energy policy perspective and could stop the modern economy.

    • You’re such a little boo-boo. I just want to pinch your cheeks! Oh, and in my humble opinion, the Middle East being irrelevant is as much of a fiction as Mr. Goodwin’s fiction. Until we become self-sufficient,er, give the EPA less powers, we will continue go to war with them in order to preserve our way of life. That’s the reality.

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