Hunt For Red October

So I was reading the Russian Times, trying to see what the latest is over there when I ran across their comment section. I truly believe they’ve got a few mobys in the house, and I’m not talking Herman Melville’s novel. I learned that a moby is a person that intentionally goes to a site to try and push their agenda on others.
I don’t know for sure, but you tell me:

Ex. One: “If the goal of the opposition is to turn the tide of the last election in their favor by way of a new vote, through means of intimidating the larger populace by a very small protest, without articulating one’s point persuasively, then this is the very definition and practice of Tyranny.”

So, WTF? This is an OWS movement?

Ex. Two: “It’s Amazing to See the Role-reversal, the Russian Authorities have Demonstrated tremendous Restraint and Equanimity towards the Brainwashed Protesters, they have Respected their Rights to Spew out Derogatory Obscenities and all kinds of Expletives against Putin.
This Goes to show that Russia is the Freest and the Least PC country in the World but in the West what happens to Protesters calling for Regime change? well they ‘re met with Extreme Police Brutality and Body-panel-Beating- treatments.
Well if these Protesters don’t like the way Russia is they should see how their Counterparts are being met in a Viciously Violent Manner in the West and thank the Good Lord that they’re in Russia.”

Yes, thank you, Lord Putin.

Ex. Three: “One thing I don’t understand, doesn’t USA realize that the opposition is not pro-USA, but in fact either completely against USA due to it’s root capitalistic approach (Communist opposition view) or even more against it as it is as it harms the “Russian Sphere” in the world and therefore must be eliminated in the end (Ultra-Nationalist Opposition view). If any of these two win, which I highly doubt, then USA will have EVEN more problems, they must be completely arrogant if they support these two major parties.”

Well, damn those anti-communist-capitalism-loving bastards!

Am I in that Seinfeld Bizzaro World episode? Am I truly viewing their situation wrong? Why does this Floridian feel so Russian lately?
Oh, yes! Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for…. I always aim to please….just talk to much..

Oh, you have to go to you tube to watch it, I guess.


G. just gave me a better idea. This is from the movie White Nights.

Nikolai Rochenko (Baryshnikov) is a Russian ballet dancer who 8 years earlier had defected to the West. He is in a plane flying over Russia when a malfunction forces the plane to land in Russia where the authorities hold him. Galina Ivanova (Helen Mirren) is in cahoots with the KGB to convince Rochenko to stay in the country and take up his former position as a celebrated Russian dancer.

In this scene she describes what his life could in Russia but Rochenko counters that he wants to be free and scream what he feels, like Vysotsky (the singer) does in his songs. She is overcome not only by recognizing the strength of Rochenkos argument but by the artistry and liberation of his dance.

Maybe this will work…


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