Ron Paul: The Highlander of Politics

Ron Paul as photographed on top of Hawkeye Point in Iowa yesterday.

So Ron is The One. He is like the Highlander of electoral politics – there can be only one. At least that’s what his supporters say. With each opponent he slays, he takes their life-force and just gets stronger.

His stand on Constitutional issues is a perfect fit for conservatism…and his supporters are the chosen ones, the veritable cream of the conservative crop.

The Paul boomlet is on in Iowa. The Paulian fever is running high. He is going to win. Really. He is.

So where is this groundswell of “conservative” support coming from?

If Byron York and the polls he cites are correct, Paul is not really getting so much love from actual conservative Republicans – or Republicans at all, it seems. York writes here in the Washington Examiner:

Ron Paul is surging in the Republican presidential race. Just not among Republicans.

The Texas congressman is leading some polls in Iowa and is in a tie for second in New Hampshire. A candidacy once dismissed as sideshow is now being taken very seriously; the front page of Monday’s Des Moines Register featured a huge spread under the headline “COULD RON PAUL WIN?”

Given Paul’s views on the Fed, the gold standard and social issues, not to mention his isolationist foreign policy, the polls have left some politicos wondering whether Republican voters have somehow swerved off the rails. But there’s another question that should be asked first: Who are Ron Paul’s supporters? Are they, in fact, Republicans?

In an analysis accompanying his most recent survey in Iowa, pollster Scott Rasmussen noted, “Romney leads, with Gingrich in second, among those who consider themselves Republicans. Paul has a wide lead among non-Republicans who are likely to participate in the caucus.”

The same is true in New Hampshire. A poll released Monday by the Boston Globe and the University of New Hampshire shows Paul leading among Democrats and independents who plan to vote in the January 10 primary. But among Republicans, Paul is a distant third — 33 points behind leader Mitt Romney.

In South Carolina, “Paul’s support is higher among those who usually don’t vote in GOP primary elections,” notes David Woodard, who runs the Palmetto Poll at Clemson University.

In a hotly-contested Republican race, it appears that only about half of Paul’s supporters are Republicans. In Iowa, according to Rasmussen, just 51 percent of Paul supporters consider themselves Republicans. In New Hampshire, the number is 56 percent, according to Andrew Smith, head of the University of New Hampshire poll.

York closes with:

Non-Republicans are sure to vote in all three early GOP contests. Iowa requires that caucus participants be registered Republicans, but anyone can show up on caucus night, register, and vote. In New Hampshire, so-called “undeclared” voters of any stripe can participate in the GOP primary. And South Carolina’s GOP contest is open to all. Wherever Paul’s final total, it will reflect lots of non-Republican votes.

Of course, next November’s general election is open, too, and the Republican nominee will need significant non-GOP support. But if Paul were the nominee, he would likely lose lots of Republicans, along with independents, and all of the Democrats who cast mischief votes on his behalf. Even his own supporters don’t view him as having the best chance to beat Barack Obama.

There will be a lot written in coming weeks about Paul’s role in the Republican Party. It’s important to remember that a large part of his support isn’t coming from Republicans.

The emphasized text is mine…

Ron Paul. So “conservative” that both “conservatives” and non-conservatives alike support him. Lots of support from the RINO community. He’s locked up the political 99%ers. He’s like the #OccupyWallStreet of the Republican primaries.


Even though they do say that politics make for strange bedfellows, Planet RonPaul seems an odd place for “true conservatives”, those interested in conservative “purity”, to hang out. Maybe it they have a cantina on Planet RonPaul like the one located located in the “pirate city” of Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine where different species can get together to share political thought and quaff a flagon of cold, crisp, less-filling Castellian ale.

Ron Paul Campaign Headquarters in Iowa

Of course, the “true conservatives” of Planet RonPaul will say that I’m just spouting talking points from the MSM and a vast oppositional conspiracy to defeat The One (they love a good conspiracy theory because they explain so much that isn’t so). They will say that these polls and sources are wrong…but put that massive Paulian brain in gear that contemplate this: what if they aren’t? What if there is no conspiracy and you are riding a wave of impure “conservatism” that eventually helps to re-elect Barack Obama? That would just about fry that last dendrite, now wouldn’t it?

Paulian Fever. Catch it.

Or not.

7 thoughts on “Ron Paul: The Highlander of Politics

  1. Sorry, Ron Paul looks nothing like Christopher, um, I can’t think of his last name. He doesn’t even look like Sean Connery. I love that movie. Ironic, because I just had my husband put that on the Netflix. Two of my favorite numbers: “Who Wants to Live Forever” and “I’m Going Slightly Mad.” Oh, yes, Queen is my favorite band. Ron Paul looks more like Dana whatchmacallit doing Church Lady from SNL.

    But, back to your article…. I did read at another site where this one blogger was encouraging Dems. to switch sides in order to shake up the Rep. vote. He didn’t specify Paul, but now this article has me thinking that it could very well be the plan. Hopefully, they’ll all be too busy with their OWS movement of the day to get out and vote. Hmmmm…..something bad is happening in Oz….

  2. “His stand on Constitutional issues is a perfect fit for conservatism…and his supporters are the chosen ones, the veritable cream of the conservative crop.”

    I disagree with this statement, Utah. Conservatives are as want to use government force as liberal/progressives, only to different ends. This is nothing at all like Paul’s arguments in his book. Paul is, as I’ve been saying, much more in line with Jefferson than the American conservative movement.

    Which leaves my question still standing: how is it the American conservative movement became so blind to the chasm that exists between what they believe the founders believed and what the ideals and principles for which the founders REALLY stood?

    • BTW: the answer “could” imply that the support for Paul is NOT support for him as much as it is for the ideas he advances. But then, I suppose this is a characteristic that conservatives reserve ONLY for themselves and their movement, given that everyone opposed to them is as opposed to individual rights and liberty as the liberal/progressives are said to be.

      Actually, I’m finding all of this to be highly amusing (not you, Utah, the fray in general). It is hilarious how badly we can wrap ourself in our own web when we have no idea what we’re talking about 😀

    • Paul, yes, probably. The majority of Paul’s policies, most definitely NOT!

      In the hands of someone who understands the risk posed by Iran (and why that is) AND who understands Israel’s place in the world, Ron Paul’s policy suggestions would be a sure-fire winner. This says more about conservatives than it does about Paul.

    • Nope, no adults. But I dug the John Bolton clip. His name has come up in a few books that I’ve read.
      And all this time, I thought he was a singer….(sorry, I can’t resist being naughty) 🙂

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