Happy Beginning of the Last Year of Earth (according to the Mayans)

Here are the first of a few things that I wish for before the world ends on December 21, 2012:

An end to the soft persecution of Christianity and Christians by the American mainstream and sports media.

The media in America treat their disdain for Christian beliefs at almost a middle school clique level, like they are sucking up to the “cool kids” and we are just too poor, stupid and clueless to “get” just how cool they are. What they don’t understand is that when we all look in the yearbooks a few years from now, it won’t take a genius to see how incredibly stupid they were and they looked.

Remember the mullet? Hammer pants? Leg warmers? The entire 80’s?

I rest my case.

Except that today, the the “cool kids” in the eyes of the media are blasphemers and provocateurs, people like Bill Maher on HBO.

Bill Maher sends obscene tweet regarding Tim Tebow and Jesus

Warning: the actual tweet reproduced below is vulgar and is not be suitable for viewing by everyone.

Why else could it be that such a minority of the American population gets so much visibility and support from the willing mouthpieces in the media. Newsbusters has footage of an ABC “news” crew not only “reporting” on this but laughing about it as well:

On Wednesday’s Good Morning America, ABC staff could be heard laughing in the background when substitute news reader Dan Harris read the less vulgar part of HBO comedian Bill Maher’s infamous tweet mocking Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow’s religious beliefs. (Video below)

After informing viewers that there were calls for a boycott against Maher’s HBO show over the “controversial tweet,” Harris continued:

The part of the tweet we can show you reads, quote, “Somewhere in Hell, Satan is Tebowing, saying to Hitler, ‘Hey, Buffalo’s killing them.'”

Low-volume laughter could then be heard in the background.

Shortly after this vile and condescending remark from Maher was widely reported, CBS even called Tebow (who had done nothing other than being himself) a “notorious evangelical Christian”, the operative word being the adjective “notorious” which means “widely and unfavourably known”.

“And Maher’s in hot water again for a now-controversial tweet on Christmas Eve referencing famed quarterback and notorious evangelical Christian Tim Tebow.”

What is it about mocking Christianity and the belief in God that constitutes erudition and contemporary “humor” when an overwhelming majority of Americans 1) say that they believe in God (92%) and, 2) identify as Christian (78.4%) and are highly unlikely to consider this sort of comment “funny”?

Notice that first statistic? 92% believe in God. Out of the remaining 8%, 1% answered “not sure”, leaving 7% of the American population that do not believe in God, so the mainstream media is trying to court 7% of the population? According to the US Census Bureau’s 2012 Statistical Abstract, there are roughly 247.9 million citizens over the age of 15 in America, that means that the mainstream media is courting 1.74 million people…but that might explain this from Steven Hayward, posting at Powerline:

Happy New Year for Fox News

I used to joke that Osama bin Laden was probably hiding out all these years at MSNBC, since nobody ever looks there for anything.  The latest cable TV ratings bear this out.  Fox News is killing everybody, taking the top 13 places in the ratings.  Turns out that even re-runs of the O’Reilly Factor do better than MSNBC’s best show.

Fox News is the only major news outlet that doesn’t engage in bashing Christians and those who believe in God. Think that maybe it isn’t so much “right wing” as it is representative of the general population of America?

It is likely that the comment on Tebow by CBS reveals more than intended. As a member of a group that accounts for 78.4% of Americans, Tebow is a “notorious” figure when the vile and disgusting self-identified atheist, Bill Maher, is treated like a member of the “cool kid” clique that the mainstream and sports media personalities are so keen to be seen as part of.

While the mainstream media’s fawning over Maher and his ilk is just a foolish and stupid middle school infatuation; I think that the sports media “gestalt” is something far more insidious.

What is it about seeing a Christian man, like Tim Tebow, live out his principles that infuriates the sports media establishment? It is clear that the sports broadcasting community simply can’t deal with Tebow. What is it that disturbs them about Tebow’s “celebration” when the “celebration” consists of taking a momentary pause to bend a knee, bow a head and give thanks?

I hate to even think it and I will likely get castigated for it – but to me, it appears to be simple racism from an industry that is dominated by black athletes, black announcers with an axe to grind and white apologists willing to let them do it.

They would rather celebrate a black athlete who thanks Jesus and gives all the “glory to God” after a great game and a month later is arrested for drug trafficking. They would rather praise a black athlete, like the New York Jets’ Antonio Cromartie, for a magnificent game day performance and ignore the fact that he has nine children with eight women in six states. Lets give a little love to former NBA Houston Rocket’s great Calvin Murphy, who has 14 children with nine different women. Calvin sure likes giving “love” – or a least making it.

Last year, Spike TV posted “The Top 10 Athletes With the Most Illegitimate Children” – guess what? All black. Ever hear these athletes lambasted the way that Tebow has been?

Maybe they are just standing up for the “reproductive rights” of these players.

I’m not making racist statements against black athletes, I think that teams should put the best players on the field – I don’t care about skin color because it is sport – and in sport, the best prepared, the most athletically gifted and the strongest leaders win no matter what their mitochondrial DNA codes them to be. I celebrate athleticism in all its forms but what I do not celebrate is intellectual dishonesty and logical fallacies. To put the heat on Tebow when it hasn’t been put on others, others whose professions of faith don’t match their personal behavior off the field as does Tebow’s, is just a little too over the top to just be a concern over what his simple prayers are doing to “the game”.

Which brings me to my second wish for 2012…

Bring an end to the assault on logic by our political class.

It has become standard operating procedure for political toadies to claim success or failure in the face of verifiable facts to the contrary of their claims or to claim the same success or failure when there is no evidence of either. I know why they do this, it is to protect themselves or their ideology from criticism (or in some cases, ridicule) or to gain a political advantage.

This kind of bullcrap does no good for any regular American, nor does it help in the quest for real answers to our problems.

We get it from both sides, you get evasion and obfuscation from politicians all the time. Take, for example, the supposed Obama promise that the “stimulus” would lower the unemployment under 8%. Republicans have seized on this as a direct promise from the president. Quoting House Speaker John Boehner:

Our unemployment rate has been higher than 8 percent for more than two-and-a-half years, far above what the Obama Administration promised with the ‘stimulus.’

In fact, there never was an actual “promise”. As the ever helpful on Republican fact checking (and left-leaning, give Democrats the benefit of the doubt) site PolitiFact points out:

But do those projections from the administration in January 2009 constitute a promise?  They certainly came with heavy disclaimers.

“It should be understood that all of the estimates presented in this memo are subject to significant margins of error,” the report states. “There is the more fundamental uncertainty that comes with any estimate of the effects of a program. Our estimates of economic relationships and rules of thumb are derived from historical experience and so will not apply exactly in any given episode. Furthermore, the uncertainty is surely higher than normal now because the current recession is unusual both in its fundamental causes and its severity.”

There’s also a footnote with the chart that states: “Forecasts of the unemployment rate without the recovery plan vary substantially. Some private forecasters anticipate unemployment rates as high as 11 percent in the absence of action.”

But none of these disclaimers were pointed out when the infamous chart was presented to Congress and televised by the media. The clear implication was that the stimulus would lower the rate – otherwise why do it? To assert that the intent was otherwise is just an insult to any normal person but as politicians are wont to do, they buried “weasel words” in the fine print to deflect any blame if it didn’t work.

What is amazing is the duplicity of a political class that will attack the credit card, mortgage and insurance industries, proposing legislation with severe penalties for “lack of clear language in contracts” and in the case of the health insurance industry, seeking to take it over, while reserving for themselves the right to mislead and misinform the American public.

As another personal observation of a logical inconsistency, “progressives” are all about turning responsibility over to “experts” to run things – problem being the “experts” never seem to know what is going on. Just “google” the terms “unexpected” in conjunction with “unemployment” or “home sales” and you will see that just about every monthly number since Obama was inaugurated was “unexpected”. Even in relationship to the Obama stimulus/unemployment “promise”, we Christina Romer saying in a July 2, 2009, interview on Fox that:

“None of us had a crystal ball back in December and January. I think almost every private forecaster realized that there were other things going on in the economy. It was worse than we anticipated.”

“Worse than we anticipated?” Are they kidding? This is the economy that we are talking about, not some ultra-top secret, eyes only black ops activity. The “experts” live in the economy every day just like we do…or maybe they don’t and that is the problem. Pardon my insolence but I’m just a little concerned about handing the keys over to “experts” when those “experts” can’t seem to get anything right, even within a 30 day window (which in macroeconomic terms is like one tick of the second hand on a clock).

There are really only three options with regard to policy status:

  • It isn’t working and here is the data that shows it.
  • There is not enough evidence to say one way or another.
  • It is working and here is the data that shows it.

Just once in 2012 I would like to hear one of those responses to a policy question.

There’s more to come – I just need to stop ranting now, enter the HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes and get another cup of coffee.

It will be just my luck to win the HGTV dream home (which by the way, is just outside my adopted home town of Park City, Utah) and the world really does end this year. Damn those Mayans!

7 thoughts on “Happy Beginning of the Last Year of Earth (according to the Mayans)

  1. Just as an aside, I did email the people at HBO and make my complaint against Maher. I told them I was cancelling my subscription to HBO, but I’m sure my email had little or no impact. As far as the “political class” is concerned, IMHO you nailed it. Our governmental posts all seem to come with entitlement; that’s entitlement to power, money, junkets, and other means of personal gain. They truly believe they are the American royalty and most run for political office for these gains. Until this crap is stopped, our politicians will just become more arrogant and corrupt. Thank you for reading my “rant”.

    • More of us need to rant. That’s the problem with both situations that I listed. Think a Muslim athlete praising Allah would get the same treatment as Tebow? I remember the great point guard at LSU named Chris Jackson (born in that great cradle of Islam – Gulfport, Mississippi) who converted to Islam when the went into the NBA and changed his name to Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.

      Remember when he refused to stand for the national anthem?

      Abdul-Rauf is perhaps best known for the controversy created when he refused to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner” before games,[4] stating that the flag was a symbol of oppression and that the United States had a long history of tyranny. He said that standing to the national anthem would therefore conflict with his Islamic beliefs. On March 12, 1996, the NBA suspended Abdul-Rauf for his refusal to stand, but the suspension lasted only one game. Two days later, the league was able to work out a compromise with him, whereby he would stand during the playing of the national anthem but could close his eyes and look downward. He usually silently recited a Muslim prayer during this time.

      This was 1996 and the press avoided this one like the plague and the NBA suspended him ONE game.

      I would vote for any candidate today that stood up and said, “enough of the religious bigotry, enough with the political spin and BS” and meant it.

      • Agreed. When it takes three networks and two “news channels” to explain (read; “spin”) what a president or political hack said in an address to the nation, it is a sorry state of affairs. On a local front, I believe this is what we got with Southerland in Bay County; an elected official who said he would do one thing, then immediately fell right into line with the political class ideology.

        • And I also agree that the MSM wouldn’t make a peep if a Muslim athelete was doing the same thing. They would be too afraid they would draw the wrath of Obama.

  2. Don’t forget the Chinese. They have some sort of prediction system that ends this year, too.

    Luckily, according to the Catholics, we have one more Pope left, so unless this one passes soon, we could still be safe 🙂

    • BUT, on a serious note, prophecy does tell us that, in the end, Christians will be the most hated people on earth. Sort of funny how often these specific predictions have come true, huh?


  3. “I hate to even think it and I will likely get castigated for it – but to me, it appears to be simple racism from an industry that is dominated by black athletes, black announcers with an axe to grind and white apologists willing to let them do it.”

    Um, yeah, that does sound pretty racist; however; your follow-up with statistics is telling….

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