Rule 5 Tuesday – Michael Bay Sucks

Michael Bay – the director of Armageddon, the Transformers franchise and others hardly wants for much. He’s a powerful Hollywood dude, so much so that he even kicked Megan Fox to the curb as the Transformer movie’s eye candy in favor of Jason Statham’s GF, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Even after this:

C’mon. Megan Fox. Daisy Dukes. Motorcycles…and he still fired her. So what if Megan can’t act, is that really a qualification in a movie about alien robots that co-stars Shia LaBeouf? Really? Replacing her with Rosie, a Victoria’s Secret model who can barely string two sentences together but looks great in boy shorts and lace stockings, pretty much tells the world that you were only interested in T&A anyway.

Clearly, the guy has a set the size of the state of Texas and can have pretty much whatever he wants.

Well, he has Lauren Stoner, model and erstwhile “reality” star, as a “friend”, too.

That’s what makes him cooler than me…that and he has a gazillion more dollars in the bank.

Say what you want about the VS ladies and the SI swimsuit models, Miss Stoner has a bikini body that will stand with the best of them…and I for one, hope that she keeps standing in a bikini.

Speaking of SI models, Maggie’s Notebook has Agrentinian hottie Yesica Toscanini…


5 thoughts on “Rule 5 Tuesday – Michael Bay Sucks

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