Tortured Journeys

Roger L. Simon of PJMedia (formerly Pajamas Media) writes today of his torturous journey this election season (not to be confused with the the boneheaded Roger Simon at Politico).

Roger is a rarity – a novelist and Hollywood screenwriter who is also a conservative. His bio:

Los Angeles-based Roger L. Simon is the author of ten novels, including the prize-winning Moses Wine detective series, and six screenplays, including Enemies: A Love Story for which he was nominated for an Academy Award. He served as president of the West Coast branch of PEN and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Writers Guild of America. Mr. Simon was on the faculty of the American Film Institute and the Sundance Institute. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the Yale School of Drama. In February 2009, he published his first non-fiction book – Turning Right at Hollywood and Vine: The Perils of Coming Out Conservative in Tinseltown. Mr. Simon is the co-founder and CEO of Pajamas Media.

Much like mine, his is more a story of disappointment and de-selection rather than enthusiasm and directed preference and we apparently are winding up at the same destination.

Okay, I don’t really consider myself a pundit-pundit, but I owe the readers of this website an apology:

I am a lousy judge of character. Don’t ever trust me again — or at least vet me extremely carefully.

I fell for Rick Perry, a man less qualified, it turns out, to be president than my dead grandmother. Yes, I had gone shooting with him in Austin and then to the NASCAR races and thought he was a swell guy.

But that has as much to do with being president, or even running for president, as flipping burgers at McDonald’s has to do with designing an iPad.

Although he had my early backing (I even tried to help with a teensy bit of speechwriting – something I never should have done given my occupation), Perry was a lousy candidate. Even beyond being a now famously inarticulate debater, on the stump he had almost nothing significant to say other than that he created jobs in his state, which he repeated ad infinitum, ad nauseum as if some “political pro” (there’s an occupation for you) was perpetually whispering in his ear to stay on message. Oh, how he stayed. His campaign went nowhere.

But now it’s gotten worse. Perry has accused Romney of being a “vulture capitalist” at Bain Capital, just because some of the companies Bain invested in failed. Of course, that’s always true with such investments — and nobody forced anyone to take Bain’s money in the first place.

This basically anti-market propaganda from Perry would more normally come from a Norwegian socialist. The Texas governor sounds like a desperate hypocrite who is so ambitious he would be willing to take anything and anyone down with him. Shame on him. And shame on me.

Fortunately, I had long ago moved on, first for a brief pit stop with Herman Cain and then on to – Newt Gingrich.

Mistake two. (Or three, if you include Cain.) The very thing Perry lacked seduced me about Newt, articulateness. No one in American politics is a better talker. And he acted as if he was above the fray, dressing down the creeps in the MSM for their biased questions. He was so good for a while that I was able to overlook that he never said the same thing twice, even more that he had worked as an “historian” (his word, not mine) for Fannie and Freddie, the very institutions that destroyed the world economy. And this was the guy we wanted to turn things around for us?

Still, I hoped there would be a new Newt and indeed it looked as if there might be until Romney’s Super PAC started to say some nasty things. Then the old Newt returned – in spades. An angry warthog emerged, snorting across the public stage, unable to control his emotions. Who would want such a person in the White House?

So have I become a Romney person? Am I a band-wagonner, jumping on the night of a solid victory in New Hampshire?

Well, I’ve always been a band-wagonner in sports, a Yankees fan as a kid and then a Lakers fan as an adult – all usually winners. I mean this very night when Romney dropped 39 (%) on Paul, Huntsman, Santorum, and Gingrich, Kobe dropped a yet more impressive 48 (points) on the Suns. And he was playing with a bum wrist.

So maybe I should go with the winner. After all, in this instance winning’s even more important than the NBA. It’s the USA. To me, it’s all about beating Obama and getting this country back on track. It’s pretty obvious Romney is the best suited to do that (unless the Republicans could trade for Kobe).

It also didn’t help that Newt “couched” with SanFran Nan and now spouts OWS slogans.

Nice to know that I’m not alone in climbing my decision tree.

6 thoughts on “Tortured Journeys

  1. Let me see if I can concentrate enought to reply (I am a little A.D.D.). Just out of curiousity, what’s on your nightstand? Mine has Liberty Defined by Ron Paul, Lucrezia Borgia by Sarah Bradford, The Norton Anthology – American Literature, Blood of the Lamb by Michael Lister, Newsmax, Reason, Greater Tuna, and Man of La Mancha. But because I can’t concentrate, I’ll just give you a soundbite:

    Seriously? A Hollywood screenwriter? Seriously?

  2. All I’ve got to say is…Romney?…seriously?…Obama-lite if you ask me. Up to or until Ron Paul drops out of the race, he’s got my vote. Then and only then, might I decide to hold my nose, bow my head and back up to the ballot box to cast a vote for Myth Romney.

    • Sweetcakes, I’m going to assume that you are addressing yours truly…if that makes me vain – well, so be it. You said that I was naughty…

      Simon is not just a novelist and screenwriter, he is the CEO of PJ Media, one of the largest and most influential collections of conservative blogs and columnists on the Internet – Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, Allahpudit, Ed Morrissey and Tina Korbe of Hot Air (Michelle Malkin’s old blog), Victor Davis Hanson, Andrew Klavan, Brian Preston, Claudia Rosett, J. Christian Adams, and possibly the greatest military blogger of all time, Michael Totten.

      As far as the nightstand, I’ll play: Holy Bible, King James Version, copies of the American Spectator and National Review, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism by Ron Pestritto, de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, on my iPad (it is on my nightstand to charge, so it counts): William F. Buckley’s God and Man at Yale, John Adams by David McCullough, Blacklisted by History by M. Stanton Evans, After America by Mark Steyn, Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer, The Forgotten Man by Amity Shales…oh, yeah – copies of Men’s Health and Maxim, too…

      • Of course I was addressing you and you know you are naughty!

        Well, well, well, didn’t you put Kells in her place? Obviously, I didn’t realise that Simon was the boss of such a trove of conservative knowledge. Hey, learn something new every day, right?……I’ll make it up to you, boss. Want me to wear that low-cut number tomorrow? I really am aiming to get employee of the month again…..

        P.S. -Your nightstand isn’t fair; that iPad doesn’t take up any space! Hey, but did you notice me in Maxim? I’m the Skinny Girls Diet “before” shot. I really hate that they had to photoshop the “after” shot of me 😦

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