Milestone Achieved

Earlier this morning, The Rio Norte Line crossed a milestone – just 4 days past our 1 year anniversary, we hit 600,000 page views. Thanks to our readers, our stable of co-bloggers and our partners in crime who link to us.

Thanks again,


4 thoughts on “Milestone Achieved

  1. Well, it is Sunday… why not get saucy? How bout a toast, luv? Here’s my grandma’s toast(now you can understand why I’m a bit warped)

    Here’s to the heights of Heaven
    Here’s to the depths of Hell
    Here’s to the girl who has a good time,
    and has the good sense not to tell!

    Say, isn’t your birthday tomorrow? This has got me to thinking… I don’t know what the horrorscope says for those born in January, but you could be in trouble….. I tell you, this Asian girlfriend of mine at church was all dressed up today because it is the Chinese New Year tomorrow. Apparently, it will be the year of the dragon! Again, you could really be in for a kicker!

    Have no fear! I’m a horse (according to what the restaurant menus have always told me) and will save you! ……………Okay, I’ll stop being silly…..

    Congratulations, Utahprez aka Utah aka Mississippi aka Michael. (kisses and whinnies)

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