Wanna Bet?

Were I a betting man (unfortunately, I seem to be lacking one key appendage) I would bet that Newt takes FL. I know what M.’s polls say about Romney, but I just feel like Newt will take FL. Anybody up for a bet? I could wager a nice meal. Hmmm…. I’ve got some comp tickets I could wager. What else….. I could wager a voice or piano lesson, an acting lesson or a lesson in how to perform a stage kiss (that info always comes in handy). Let’s see……. I could wager a beer and a dance. I would wager a tool around in my nice car, but my driving in that girl would probably give you delicate sweet boys a heart attack. If you think you can handle it, I’ll throw that wager in, too. Though it pains me, I would even throw in a “be nice to B. and FL for a day” wager.

I think I’ve given you girls lots of great choices should you win (which you won’t). So, is anybody up for it? Place your bets and name your stakes. After all, I want to know what I’m going to win (and it better be good). 🙂

14 thoughts on “Wanna Bet?

  1. I will put up a mushroom hunt and the subsequent cooking of and dining upon that which we collect.
    Or a Cd, tailored to the winner’s personal tastes, but filled with unheard-of musicians and bands.

  2. Mitt takes it. Newt’s worst enemy is himself and a primary that is a week away. Florida is not South Carolina – too many northern retirees down south. The Panhandle looks like SC, the rest like more like Iowa or New Hampshire.

    I won’t wager because I don’t know when I would be back in FL to collect.

    • How very amusing….tell everyone the truth! You won’t wager because you don’t know when I’ll get to Scotland to collect!

      And this boys, is why I’m good at poker.

      I’m sorry, I’m having visions of my Fraser Fir Christmas Tree and my mushroom hunt with a meal.

      I don’t mean to intimidate you, M. (or B. for that matter) but I see that my feminine wiles have completely discombobulated the two of you. I’ll take it easy on you sweets since you both can’t handle it. Yes, yes, don’t bet. Don’t believe the saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” I’ll still me your best friend ever.

      Have I brought a little smiley face to you girls, er, boys, now?

      • You’re not having flashbacks are ya? I don’t intimidate easily and am a stellar poker player. Ya gotta know when to hold em and know when to walk away, eh? 😉

        Oh, what kind of comp tickets do you have…Moody Blues concert…Pink Floyd…Springsteen? ( Rubs hands in glee as he anticipates receiving his ill gotten gains.)

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