Did anyone catch President Obama’s call to “consolidate” the bureaucracies under the executive so he can make government “more efficient?” If so, did you suddenly hear the voices of Patrick Henry, George Mason and the rest of the Anti-Federalists ringing in your ears? The Anti-Federalists objected to the original Constitution because they believed it gave too much power to the executive branch. Now Obama is calling for the President to be given total, unlimited authority over what would amount to the entire government.  Our founders would have recognized this as a call to make himself king!

It should be remembered that the bureaucracies were established to get around the restrictions intentionally placed in the U.S. Constitution. We know this because the people who advocated these bureaucracies openly said this was one of the primary objectives. They got their real start under Woodrow Wilson, who made the same arguments President Obama made last night: the need for more centralized power for the purposes of  flexibility, efficiency and speed in government. But these bureaucracies were also intentionally designed to be insulated from any form of democratic or Constitutional controls. Wilson argued for “ruling elites” to run these bureaucracies under a form of tenure, so as not to be subjected to the will of the People so they could make the decisions they felt were best for the nation. Nothing has changed: Obama is still trying to complete what Wilson and the Progressive movement started.  If he succeeds, your individual rights and liberty will end in this nation forever.  You will be living under a collectivist regime.

Congress has become increasingly irrelevant. It hasn’t even passed a budget in the last three years – one of its primary Constitutional duties. Now the President openly and repeatedly asserts that he will not “wait on Congress” anymore, he will simply go around them. What’s more, he is asking the American People to give him the power to do so. So, why is it the only people who see what is happening in this nation are immigrants who have recently come to this country to escape similar regimes? Have we fallen so far that we no longer recognize tyranny when we see it? It is time we face the truth: we are watching the formation of a fascist dictatorship in our own nation.

8 thoughts on “FASCISM!

  1. You don’t even mention the czars. No approval for the majority of them. How bout when Congress went on leave? They came back to a nice surprise, didn’t they? Now I’m starting to lose my temper. I don’t know if it’s because of the audacity of this president or the sheer feelings of ambivalence of those who we voted for surrounding him.

    As a side note, I want to let one of your “likers”, Murbur17, know that senioritis can be crippling if you let it be so. (Don’t!) That said, I would not want to be in your shoes for all the tea in China. (That’s not really fair as I don’t like tea and we owe them a crapload of money.) Seriously, I wish you young folks would comment! It’s great to hear what is going on in the minds of a new generation. I promise I’ll protect you from these ne’er-do-wells! 🙂

  2. We-elll, maybe if Congress would just do what he wants, the President wouldn’t be forced to do these end-runs around our primary legal and governmental foundations.

    • I trust that is said facetiously, Mel Famy. As Congress is an EQUAL part of our govt. and the President is NOT elected to be “dictator” (contrary to what he and the majority in his Party may like us to believe). Furthermore, for all his crowing about “the will of the People,” he is directly subverting that will as expressed in the last election. The founders set the House elections at every two years specifically so the PEOPLE could have frequent opportunity to voice their opinions. As the last election was decidedly anti-Obama, his stubborn insistence on governing against the will of the people is as reminiscent of Mussolini as that pose he likes to strike with his nose in the air. Now, if only it would rain the next time this turkey did that, we might all be saved

      No, wait, what am I thinking: that would give us Biden. My bad.

    • Yes, he must be removed, but if you just replace him with Mussolini, arguably a more charismatic and popular dictator, what good have you done? You STILL have a fascist dictator in charge!

      Obama must be removed, but we must ALSO do something that will at least check this head-long rush toward fascism.

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