Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

So I was over at RSM’s site reading an article with a pretty funny ad which featured kids. Here it is:

I wish to hell I could figure out how to comment over there, cause I really dig those boys. Not as much as you boys, of course. Of course! Anyhow, I got to thinking about the topic of this; that being the debt burden being placed on our children, which in turn led my mind to my 6th grade son’s history project: (yes, my mind goes off on tangents) Choose an historical figure and create a website.

WTF? I can’t figure out how to post on a site and he’s gotta CREATE a website? Well, slap my ass and call me Sally, cause he did! And I suppose to rub it in he chose Einstein for his project! What’s interesting to me is that a lot of the context that he wrote probably eludes him. By that I refer to my visit to his site (which is one quarter of a typical M. or B. article :)) and learning that Einstein had a lot of the same beliefs as some of the Founding Fathers.

If you want to check it out and step into the mind of a 6th grader, I’m sure he’ll be flattered. Go here…

So perhaps all is not lost. Perhaps the next generation will be smart enough to handle this debt. Perhaps they will not succumb to the apathy of our current generation. Perhaps they will become rational and reasonable thinkers. Perhaps they are the answer to M.’s question from a previous post: What Comes After Post-Modernism? Post Post-Modernism?

Q. Why are we putting up with it now?

A. We’re just not as smart as a 6th grader?

And now, just for fun and because you know I can’t resist:

2 thoughts on “Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

  1. Well, if I was the teacher, your son would get an A+. I only noticed a couple of grammatical or syntax errors, but all in all, a very good “paper.” *

    * P.S. Sorry, but I was an English major in my very short college career. And I’m sure one could read my articles and comments and find the same errors on occasion. 😉 Proofreading is very important.

    Mike G.

  2. I didn’t proof it because I thought it was more genuine being in his own words and his misspellings. Guess I must dig imperfections….

    And now I wish Vikram would write me a poem! ……”People are dreaming in fantasy….one day they will wake up.” (Vikram Roy)

    Hope you’re right, V.

    And now I’m off to Tuna.

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