A call from Romney

So today I got this call from Mitt Romney. Actually, it was robo-Romney, which is exactly what he reminds me of: Robo-Politician. I don’t think people realize how lethal the Robo-Politicians are. Their current make and model has not improved, but only worsened. Now I get a call from my parents asking if I’m going to check out Robo-Romney today. It went down something like this:

Mom: Are you going to go see Romney?
Me: No, Mom, I’ve got this Fred Astaire cancer benefit rehearsal, which is a little more important to me.
Mom: Well, Daddy and I are going because we’re voting for him.
Me: I thought you were voting for Newt.
Mom: Well, I was talking to a 96-year-old man and he said I should vote for Romney.
Me: WTF?
Mom: Language!
Me: Well, I’m voting for Paul, so go ahead and listen to some old guy who probably is too blind to read or watch the news.
Mom: Are you going to sing in choir tomorrow?
Me: What? Well, yeah.
Mom: Well, you weren’t at choir practice…….
Me: I had rehearsals! I’ve gotta go, mom!

This is a glimpse. It is only a glimpse. If I replayed the entire conversation with my mom, you would probably get a better feel for why I am like I am. I’m so damned mad that people are buying this Romney song and dance. He’s spent like 14 million in FL to win, and I guess some people are truly falling for it. Guess this is how it’s done….

Dang! I really didn’t need that call from Romney this morning.

11 thoughts on “A call from Romney

    • Vote for me! I will ensure that every American has a personal physician. I mean your own personal physician, devoted exclusively to your family, who will consult with dieticians and medical specialists to take care of all your health care worries. You want your OWN dietician? Your own specialists? Be reasonable! Maybe in my second term.

  1. They don’t call us either, but they sure do flood our mail box. Last week in the span of three days, we received five pieces of campaign literature from the Romney campaign.

    Oh Kells…did the robo-caller whisper sweet nothings in your ear? 😉

    Mike G.

  2. Damn it! I don’t wanna lose my bet! I don’t care how great his hair is and that he calls me and bugs me! My mom definitely must have perceived this call differently than I. Here is what she heard after he called:

    And here is what Guy and I heard:

    Oh, and when Mitt called his boy in Scotland, this is what he heard:

    And of course, here is what B. and G. heard:

    Guess we all hear things differently…..

  3. I love The Who! I can’t believe I just got sucked into 10 minutes of that! Well, yes, I can, because the vocals and guitar are amazing! Yep. I’m a sucker for talent. (which was sorely lacking tonight but we won’t get into that because I’m so f’g pissed I could f’g f’k Freddy Astaire’s f”g life and wish my son never would’ve f’g started these stupid f’g lessons!)

    Breathe in, breathe out. Just talk of something else………

    So I had to check out the liker because I’m really an international super spy and well, always curious. (M. thinks he is Bond, but he has nothing on Pussy Galore, er, I mean, Ms. Marple. Yeah, you heard me right, Ms. Marple, that’s me. Sweet M., we musn’t dash his dreams, right? So………..shhhh…………..let’s just let him live in his fantasies.)

    Anyway the liker wrote a poem right up my alley. I dug it (not because of the cursing, of course) because it had to do with what I talked about this morning: Beautiful smile. A beautiful smile is so attractive because it is truly the definition of happiness.

    I have a little dedication for the likers (if they truly read and are, in fact, paying attention.)
    Here boys of The Drinking Hat! I give you an earlier work of Trey Parker and Matt Stone which I really dig:

    (hopefully I didn’t post Mary Poppins or G. and Joiwind’s private video)

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